Tea Party tells Joe he needs to go

The so-called Tea Party, nothing more than an affront for neocon establishment Republicans who spite people like Ron Paul, Justin Amash and Thomas Massie, is telling Joe Visconti to get out of the CT Governor’s Race.  Their main reason, at least according to this writer, is they are afraid Visconti, who is a REAL Republican and not some paid millionaire lackey like Tom Foley, will take votes away from Foley leading to four more years of Dan Malloy as governor.  That excuse is as tiring as any of the leftist establishment saying it’s Bush’s fault.  A letter on Facebook published in the Malloy Foley fake left/right loving media was signed by several prominent leaders in the conservative movement in the state including Wallingford attorney Tanya Bachand and Bob MacGuffie, founder of Right Principles a supposed conservative group who seems to be interested in the monolithic goal of beating Malloy.

Of course the state’s paper of record the Hartford Courant took the ball and ran with it.

(Interestingly one of those jumping to Visconti’s defense is Hartford lawyer Ken Krayeske. “[F]rom Tea Party patriots who purport to represent and hold dear constitutional values, like the First Amendment, this is an astonishing, hypocritical statement of values,” Krayeske commented. “And thank you, Mr. Visconti, for enduring despite such unfounded critiques of your candidacy.”)

Palin Smith at his Facebook posted the following…

It looks like Joe Visconti is shaping up to be the moderate candidate for governor this year. Joe is still a principled conservative. He remains loyal to his core beliefs, unlike the few disparate groups who have chained themselves to the Tom Foley Campaign.

Foley sought and received endorsements from certain right wing elements that have now attached themselves like scavenger Remoras to the great shark from Greenwich.

Was Foley trying to out-Visconti Visconti? Tom’s record of strategery has not been too successful. He’s now focused on keeping Joe Visconti out of the next six televised debates.

Foley can weigh himself down with all the empty baggage he can carry, but he will never be a Joe Visconti. You gotta have a heart, a voice and know the issues to be considered to even qualify for the last slice of Joe’s pizza pie.

This is not the same Tea Party who began years ago supporting people like Ron Paul.  Of course these days it’s become nothing more than support for neocons and the establishment with big hush money as the machine.


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