WW III by design

Somehow the war against Islam is going to be one by the power elites and Illuminati to plunge this nation into World War III and lead to further influence of the New World Order and the Zionists.  This post from Facebook gives a look at how far back wars against the so-called religion of peace go.

The plot to prepare a third world war against Islam would be pursued by the Illuminati by continuing to develop its relationships with their brethren occultists in Egypt. Egypt would continue to play a pivotal role in the conspiracy against Islam. However, that role would be buttressed by another important contributor to the conspiracy, Saudi Arabia. While the occultists of Egypt would provide the necessary networks of Islamic terror, the ideology they adopted, to justify the use of terror, is derived from a heresy of Islam, known as Wahhabism, which was created in Arabia, now Saudi Arabia, by agents of the Illuminati in the eighteenth century.

Before serving the purpose of defiling the message of Islam in the twentieth century, the creation of Wahhabism served the important British strategy of dividing to rule, by pitting the Arabs against their Turkish overlords. The Turks had conquered Constantinople, now Istanbul, in 1453, establishing the Ottoman Empire, and had carried out significant expansions into Europe. However, by 1683, the Turks’ campaign against the Europeans was curtailed, when they were decisively defeated in Vienna. The Empire had reached the peak of its expansion. Nevertheless, the Empire continued to command significant amounts of territory, and still held sway in regions where the British colonialism was hoping to expand. Therefore, following their typical strategy of “divide and rule”, the British, through their Masonic agent, sought to undermine the Ottoman Empire from within, by pitting against their own brothers in Islam, the Arabs of the peninsula.

It was not legal in Islam for a Muslim to fight another Muslim. Therefore, in order to rile the Arabs against their Turkish brethren, it was necessary to first create a new interpretation of Islam that would sanction such murder, but under the guise of “Jihad”. This new interpretation came to be known as Wahhabism, and was founded by British agent, Mohammed Abdul Wahhab. Mohammed ibn Abdul Wahhab was born in 1703, in the small town in a barren wasteland called Najd, in the eastern part of what is now called Saudi Arabia. Ominously, Mohammed, the prophet of Islam, had already refused.

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