It’s not so shocking anymore hearing about states are violating the Constitution and Posse Comitatus by allowing their police to get militarized.

An NPR report looked at what states are buying to militarize the police. It’s a list of military items acquired by local and state agencies from the Pentagon’s Law Enforcement Support Office from 2006 – April 2014.

By the way here is what CT has purchased.

1 Helicopter $922,704
6 Mine Resistant Vehicles $4,248,000 (one was bought in Willimantic…why?)
2 Combat/Assault/Tactical vehicles $300,000
4 Armored Trucks, $260,280
4 Grenade Launchers $2,880 (REALLY?!?!)
1,140 5.56 Millimeter Rifles
157 7.62 Millimeter Rifles $21,666
29 12 Gage “Riot Type” shotguns $3,132
28 .45 Caliber Automatic Pistols $1,644

Other items include things night vision equipment, chainsaws, furniture, computers, gym equipment, clothing, and… bayonets!?

All told, Connecticut has spent over EIGHT MILLION DOLLARS on military equipment since 2006 (the program began 25 years ago.  Now not that it matters much, lots of the lot was purchased at rock bottom prices.


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