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Let me preface this post by saying I too suffer from a condition though not like Tom Foley and his problem with something called Bell’s Palsy.  I have Asperger’s Syndrome which is a form of autism.  Unlike most cases of it, this Autism is usually high functioning in nature.

If you are or were in my case a pro wrestling fan, you may have heard of former WWE/UWF/WCW play by play man Jim Ross.  The man called good old J.R., suffers from the condition, a neurological disorder causing partial paralysis.  Greenwich businessman FOley can now join Ross in being famous (at least in CT) and having this condition.

The Greenwich Time reports Bell’s Palsy masks his emotions, perhaps leading to a Quinnipiac university poly sci professor saying the race between Foley and Dannel Malloy needed “A Charisma Transplant.”

Foley was diagnosed with the condition in 1994. He has characterized it as a mild case, but sometimes he can’t open his right eye fully. It can also be difficult for him to articulate sounds like the letter F without the full use of his lips.

Neil Vigdor, writing in the paper said “In an age when candidates and their handlers obsess over every last optic — from who’s seen on stage at rallies to suit-and-tie combinations — something as innocuous as seat position made Foley seem less telegenic than if he had been facing the other direction.”

Somehow bringing up the 1960 Presidential Debate between the more telegenic John Kennedy and the sweating buckets Richard Nixon, the first televised debate by the way.  But this is a gubernatorial election we are talking here Mr. Vigdor.

Now to make things fair at least, Governor Dannel Malloy too has a disability…dyslexia.

This comment by a political guru at Sacred Heart University is really going to give the sheeple pause regarding Foley’s condition…

“That is a challenge for Tom Foley,” said Gary Rose, chairman of the Department of Government and Politics at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield. “He’s never been looked upon with a great deal of warmth and connectedness with the voters.”

Frankly neither has Malloy.  Perhaps this could lead those, if they ever decide to get educated about him, to vote for someone with more passion in him like Joe Visconti.

Here in this interview with Tribune-owned WTIC-TV Fox CT channel 61, Visconti talks to among others, the dean of CT TV News, Al Terzi.



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