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The Joe…Joe Visconti.  The Vinny…Vinny Penn of New Haven’s neocon talk radio station 960 WELI in Hamden.  But, yet, the host of The Vinny Penn Project in AM Drive Time on the Clear Channel owned New Haven home of Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, found time after seven this morning to speak to the Tea Party candidate.  One of the questions asked by Penn was the one those following this race want an answer to: “Is a vote for you, in fact, a vote for [Dan] Malloy?”  He said about a minute into the interview his goal was to take more votes away from Malloy than Tom Foley as those in the GOP establishment who selected the Greenwich millionaire feared.

The West Hartford native touted the rank and file unions who don’t want to go to either candidate, bringing up his work in construction while blasting both established parties as “button-up” democrats and republicans.

Visconti also touted numbers from polls showing Malloy in the mid to upper 30’s against Foley.  But it was there he said something that should start attacks on him…by both sides.

“We can’t let Tom Foley let Malloy back in.”

On the so-called debates, Visconti said the schedules are coming out as to where and when they might take place and to see if Visconti will be included in them.  He said he hopes to push Malloy back and accused Foley of playing rope-a-dope at a debate in Norwich.  He also cited the poor performance by Foley, and to an extent the current governor.  While he does like Foley as a man, when it comes to being aggressive, he’s not doing enough.

Penn also talked about Visconti’s web site (link above) and one of the topics aside from gun control, the bad economy and common core was judicial reform and foreclosures.

“Without the courts really being revamped and getting away from conflicts of’ll find no justice in CT” Visconti told Penn.

At the end, Visconti promised Penn and listeners a look at his budget proposals and Penn hopes to have Visconti on the program at future dates as the “election” draws nearer.

However, all this comes as Connecticut’s pro-family group the Family Institute of Connecticut endorsed Foley.

We Endorse: Tom Foley for Governor

Family Institute of Connecticut Action Committee endorses Tom Foley for Governor. This is the first time since our founding that we have ever endorsed a candidate for the state’s highest office.

Tom Foley came to FIC Action Committee on June 12th and sat with us for an hour and a half, discussing pro-family issues. We are convinced based on this meeting–and an August 26th phone conversation initiated by Mr. Foley–that the pro-family cause will do better under a Governor Foley than it has these last three and a half years under Gov. Dan Malloy.

It was Gov. Malloy who forced the Bathroom Bill–the transgender law–through the state legislature. It was Gov. Malloy who flew the Rainbow Flag over the Governor’s mansion to show his support for same-sex “marriage.” (Indeed, it is the Malloy Administration that describes itself as the “gayest administration ever.”)

Governor Malloy is pro-abortion. He is hostile to religious liberty, calling the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby ruling, which protects the right of small businesses not to be forced to pay for abortion-inducing drugs, “an affront.” He insulted Catholics in particular by placing Andrew McDonald, who introduced the infamous 2009 Bishop-Removal Bill, on the State Supreme Court.

And has FIC heard anything about Visconti’s record on moral issues even though at his website there is no mention on his thoughts on Abortion?  FIC is just interested in beating Malloy.  That’s only part of the equation, and far too one dimensional.  Now abortion and other issues on morality are not a major issue in this race unfortunately and even for libertarians for the most part is a non-sequitor.  That said and by looking at the FIC blog, you will find the man they endorse, Foley as well as Malloy BOTH SUPPORT ASSISTED SUICIDE.  While Foley isn’t outright opposed” to the practice made famous or infamous by Dr. Jack Kevorkian, the Connecticut Mirror reports, “but he said he’s concerned about it being misused.”

Misused?  How about not being used at all, all those who support population control (eugenics)?

UPDATE: WELI’s website has a better quality download audio of the interview.


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