Quinnipiac University political science professor Scott McLean, is saying both major party candidates for CT Governor need “A Charisma Transplant.”

For Malloy it comes in the form of globalist ex-president Bill Clinton who is making a stop in New Haven to the breathless sheeple enthusiasm of the state media.  For neocon Greenwich biz man (is there no other kind in my disgrace of a hometown?) Tom Foley it’s in the form of fellow neocon NJ roly-poly Governor Krispy Kreme Chris Christie.

But color some unimpressed.

Bass: Clinton event ‘felt more like the late-night post-dessert stale-coffee phase of a rubber-chicken dinner’…




To be very blunt here, a charisma transplant for the game-show like debates should come in the form of Tea Partier Joe Visconti, if said elite media will remove themselves from their ivory towers and allow ALL parties to partake instead of this WWE-style of grappling whereby we the people lose.



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