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Former Presidential candidate Ron Paul has admitted to the Washington Free Beacon he believes the government knew of the 9/11 attack before it happened. He admitted this in an interview with Charles Goyette, the host of the program Money and Markets. Paul recently had spoken with his friend, North Carolina Republican Rep. Walter Jones, who is one of the leaders in the effort to declassify the remaining material of the 9/11 Commission still classified by the federal government.  Also taking part in the charge is Kentucky Republican Congressman Thomas Massie who has seen a bunch of stuff on 9/11 and says there should be another investigation.

Now if anyone thinks the Bush Regime planned these attacks.  Well, Paul dismissed that notion saying: “Does that prove the fact that our president and others actually sat down and laid the plans and did this? I don’t think it does.”

He also took on the government-media label 9/11 truther.
It’s politically very risky to talk about [questioning the 9/11 attacks], because the left and the government defenders are really, really quick to discredit anybody who raises any question whatsoever. They paint you, and they say ‘oh you question this, that means you’re a truther.’ I was always amazed, if you question and you want the truth, how they took a word like ‘truther’ and turned it into a terrible, terrible word.

And, the Texas Liberty Icon is not alone.  One of Paul’s friends, Fox News Senior Judicial Analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano on the Future Quake Radio show in 2010 affirmed the “prudence” for citizens to be “suspicious” about the “official” government story of 911. He compares it to the JFK assassination, and the atmosphere in the early 1960’s to silence officials who might have suggested government complicity at the time, or denounce accusers as “crackpots”, but with the decades later confirming government involvement, as he predicts will happen regarding “911”.

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