One to watch

Suddenly, if you read the Washington Times, the eyes of the nation are focusing on Connecticut.  Yes the state that elects progressive after progressive seems to have caught the attention of the other Washington newspaper.  And a couple of Congressional races are in the focus as well.

And yes Joe Visconti was mentioned.

The West Hartford Republican originally sought the GOP nomination for governor but failed to gain enough support at the convention to qualify for the primary. Instead, Visconti embarked on a petition drive, successfully submitting the required 7,500 signatures to appear on the November ballot. Visconti has said he was motivated to run for governor after Malloy signed a wide-ranging gun control bill in 2012 after the Sandy Hook shooting. A gun rights advocate, Visconti argues the legislation should be repealed, saying it’s an infringement on the constitutional rights of gun owners. The building contractor also opposes imposing Common Core education standards for students.



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