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Feds to run ads in border towns informing deported illegals — they can return (So you can pay for their life style)

ACLU Sues Feds: No Deportations Until Illegals Get Lawyers

Reality: Comex Gold Warehouses Filling Up…With Paper

Is this the Big One? Central Bankers from the World Over Warn of Impending ‘Perfect Storm’

A day of reckoning has arrived to retiring Americans: 63 percent of Americans that start working by the age of 25 will be dependent on Social Security, relatives, or charity by the time they hit 65

Karl Rove’s PAC Trying to Win Arkansas, North Carolina by Running Left of Pryor, Hagan ROVE IS GLOBALIST NWO SLIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mitch McConnell’s campaign manager resigns

Michael Brown’s Criminal Past Revealed To Journalist By St. Louis Authorities

Pat Caddell Says Establishment Republicans ‘Want the IRS to Go After’ the Tea Party

Retired Republican Senator Leads Effort to Smash Local Tea Party

Becerra Addresses Unaccompanied Illegal Minors in Spanish from House Floor

California lawmakers set to provide legal aid for immigrant minors

Dem: Give illegals citizenship or they’ll become terrorists!

Border Patrol Agents Quit To Protest Obama’s Insane Policies

MN now home to 30,000 Somali refugees, reshaping local politics

SFORZA ITALIA!!!!!!!!! Italians Kick Muslim Imam Out of Country for Preaching Islamic Nonsense

Prosperous white districts are choosing to break away from black cities and go it alone

And the rape goes on. Thank you Chief Justice John Roberts of the non so ‘supreme’ court AND YOUR ILLEGALLY ADOPTED CHILDREN!

Feds: Cost of Website Estimated $1.7 Billion


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