BREAKING…hand shown on ISIS

In something the corporate media will not report on, this Facebook posting should give the reasoning behind what ISIS has been doing despite the Jihad propaganda being shown in the media about a journalist from New Hampshire being beheaded.




Is the U.S. Moving Israel into Iraq with the Help of ISIS? ISIS aka the Israeli State of Islamic Separation has nothing to do with Islam and everything to do with Israel stealing land and resources in Iraq to make another Homeland for their Kurds while attempting to collect 9 Billion Dollars from Baghdad’s oil revenues! Sounds like a whole new level of criminal insanity, but you heard me right and we‘ve got proof straight from the horses mouth, Israeli asset Karwan Zebari, Director of the Kurdistan regional government out of Washington, DC.

The “Israeli” Kurds that are asking for help from the International community and specifically the U.S. are still listed as a terrorist organization according to the United States. An amendment was slipped into the NDAA to reverse this, but it did NOT go through, they are still listed as terrorists. The terrorist Israeli Kurds, now backed by the U.S. illegally (Isn’t this treason?) are simply attempting to blur the border between Syria and Iraq and steal Iraqi land and resources while breaking up the country into smaller bits and pieces that are easier to rape, pillage, and plunder.


And the link to this is here.

Once again it shows you how the government is telling Thomas Jefferson who warned of entangling alliances, JUST LAY DEAD AND BURIED!


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