The rematch

Four years ago, it was a few thousand votes separating Tom Foley from Dan Malloy.  Now the powers that be in both parties, of which there really is one, and run by mega corporations, want to repeat history.  This week as expected Tom Foley won the GOP primary for governor and will once again face Malloy and the leftists in the unions and corporate statist media who elected him.

 But there are some people in this state and in New Haven, home of uber Communist statist Rosa “CT Nanny” DeLauro (of all places) with brains and common sense.  One such person is Frank Dolyak (below):

Courtesy: New Haven Independent

The New Haven Independent waited until way late in their article on how New Haven “Republicans” (who really aren’t in the sense of defending the Republic) were voting on primary day to discuss Dolyak’s pick, Joe Visconti.

After casting his ballot and receiving his “I voted” sticker, Dolyak had bad news for the Republican candidates: He didn’t vote for either of them. Instead, he voted for the Tea Party’s Joe Visconti, a Republican running for governor as a write-in candidate.


Interviewed after voting and receiving his “I voted” sticker, Dolyak said he cast his vote for the Tea Party candidate Joe Visconti, a write-in for the primary (though he has submitted petitions to appear on the general-election ballot as an independent in November).


Why Visconti? “All of the Northeast Republicans are moderate to left-leaning. I’m a conservative. I want to do my part to put in office people who will better run state and national affairs with all the economic and social problems we have.”

For the record, this writer is non-affiliated with either party, but is aligned with Mr. Visconti because of his support for the Second amendment, in the wake of Connecticut’s very tough gun laws signed in April 2013 months after the Sandy Hook attacks.


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