You knew this was going to happen

As somehow expected, technical issues are hindering the start up of the new MeTV New York to be seen on KVNV/WJLP. The station on channel 3.1 was set to launch on or around July 31st/August 1st, but this has now been delayed. The Tee Vee Guyd on Facebook is saying a “September” launch, which means they could launch on any one of the 30 days in that month. For now at least, Bridgeport’s WZME 43.1 will continue to carry Me-TV (on a part-time basis) after July 31st. What’s not clear is how long this lasts.

TVG reports “there is so little information being disseminated that nothing is really clear. If it weren’t for another poster…informing me of it, I wouldn’t have known. He found out because he contacted someone at channel 3 directly (and actually got an answer, a vague one, but an answer nonetheless)”.

UPDATE: Cablevision has requested a delay as WFSB has an objection to the use of ch 3 for the dial spot for Fairfield County customers.  The station is entitled to being carried on virtual channel 3 on Cablevision’s cable systems serving Fairfield County, and sending WFSB to another channel would lead to “disruptions to its channel lineups” and require talks with the network or broadcast station that currently operates on the channel to which WFSB would be moved. Comcast also retransmits WFSB(TV) on channel 3 in cable systems serving Fairfield County (Danbury/Ridgefield), as well as three other counties in the New York DMA.


The FCC has ruled:

Conclusion. Accordingly, we HEREBY WAIVE Section 76.64(f)(4) of the Rules to allow Cablevision Systems Corporation, Time Warner Cable Inc. and Comcast Cable Communications, LLC to defer implementing the must-carry request and channel position election of PMCM TV, LLC for television station KVNV(TV), Middletown Township, New Jersey until 90 days from the date of a final decision on KVNV(TV)’s virtual channel.


Basically, the wait continues, but perhaps with WFSB/Meredith as the villain.


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