Let’s go Joe!

Joe Visconti, who should be running on the GOP ticket for Governor got a write-up in the CT Mirror blog.  The subject…waste in the state budget.

“People don’t mind paying for the services,” Visconti, 57, told The Mirror during an interview last week. “But they don’t like it when they feel in their gut that there is waste.”


Despite his focus on cutting spending, Visconti said tax increases “are not off the table for me.”

But they are, he quickly added. a “last resort.”

If forced to turn to tax hikes to balance the books, Visconti said he prefers to spread the pain, with small increases on most taxes.

He opposes making the state income tax more progressive with higher rates on the wealthy, something for which state employee unions long have argued.

“I believe the wealthy don’t need to be here,” he said, adding many already have residences in multiple states, and could leave the Nutmeg State with little difficulty. “So why chase them away?”

Connecticut needs to diversify its base and particularly increase the number of businesses operating and paying taxes here, Visconti said.

Rather than borrowing hundreds of millions of dollars for “corporate welfare,” Visconti said he would work to streamline regulatory agencies and invest scarce bonding dollars in transportation improvements.

Emphasis…the writer.


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