The trash TV era may be over

At least in terms of so-called talk shows namely Maury Povich, Steve Wilkos and Jerry Springer.  All three of which are taped at the Stamford Center for the Arts in Stamford, CT.  The breads and circus distractions of paternity tests, screams after lie detector tests and other things coming from the womb of Lucifer, may now become a thing of the past.

TV News Check reports Tribune  may not renew some or all three of the conflict talk shows beyond 2015-16, when NBC/Universal Domestic TV Distribution’s current contract with the syndicator ends, according to multiple sources.

Tribune owns WPIX/11 in New York and WCCT/20 in Waterbury which air the shows, and in some cases in double strips.  The company also owns WGN in Chicago.

TVNC also reports Tribune is developing one or two shows for next fall as the company starts to move away from conflict talk, the sources say. Neither of these shows in production are conflict talk.

In terms of the ratings of these shows, Maury scored a 2.1 household rating in 2013-14, compared to a 2.2 last year and a 2.4 in 2011-12, based on Nielsen ratings. Jerry has a 1.3, compared to a 1.4 last year and a 1.5 household rating in 2011-12.  Wilkos has a 1.4, flat to last year and up from a 1.3 household rating in 2011-12.

But for the most part, the trend is heading in a downward spiral like the foolish people who go on these “shows.”

Of course, in the multi-billion dollar corporate world of television, money could save these shows.

The loss of Tribune could spell trouble for NBCU’s long-running conflict franchises. Jerry debuted in broadcast syndication in 1991[ and its spinoff Steve Wilkos debuted in 2007. Maury has been in broadcast syndication since 1998.

But NBCU could find other outlets for the shows in the top markets. With duopolies in many of the top markets, either CBS or Fox could step in for Tribune.

For the record, both Maury Povich and Springer were straight up straight laced talkers in the realm of Phil Donahue’s long-running show, before becoming the Illuminati debauchery seen today.


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