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Coyote Makes $50,000 A WEEK Smuggling Illegals Across the Border

Government Building Brain Implants For Soldiers

Cops Fake 911 Calls to Confiscate Guns

Busted: Government Trolls Try to Smear Alex Jones

Obama Has Been Given Killswitch to the Entire Communication System

Are Republicans REALLY About To Do This Again?

An Israeli Cover Up? – Max Blumenthal Interview

Pat Buchanan’s take on migrant children crisis

WHISTLEBLOWER: “NSA Reach Has Gone Too Far!”

Destruction of Human Liberty: A Globalist Tradition.

Americans Swept Up in NSA Spying – Wayne Madsen Interview

House Votes To Slash IRS Audit Budget For Large Corps. Patriots Still In Crosshairs

Dick Cheney Is A Two Faced Hypocrite.

Libertarian pizza deliveryman shaking up Senate race


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