According to Sky News, they have unearthed some shocking audiotape of a conversation with former President and globalist Bill Clinton regarding the terror boogeyman Osama Bin Laden.  He said in the audio “I could have killed bin Laden but ‘I didn’t’ ”

Clinton admitted this in a speech to Australian business leaders on Sept. 10, 2001 literally hours before the attack.

“I nearly got him. And I could have killed him, but I would have to destroy a little town called Kandahar in Afghanistan and kill 300 innocent women and children, and then I would have been no better than him. And so I didn’t do it.”

Clinton tried supposedly MULTIPLE TIMES to kill the CIA creation.

This report from Sky News, sister network to Fox News Channel, perhaps comes in the wake of a story on The Blaze and Glenn Beck’s TV show Wednesday where Kentucky Republican Congressman Thomas Massie joined a group of Congressional lawmakers including fellow Republican Walter Jones of North Carolina and Democrat Stephen Lynch of Massachusetts in urging the government to declassify 28 redacted pages of the infamous 9/11 Commission Report.

A few weeks ago, Massie spoke at a press conference about these papers.

Though he couldn’t reveal any details to Beck for fear of possible repercussions, Massie did say there will be “anger, frustration, and embarrassment when these 28 pages finally come out.”

“As I was reading these 28 pages, I had to try to take apart that concrete that had set up, my own understanding of what had led up 9/11 and what had enabled it. What really hurt me was to wonder, why did my government keep this from me for 13 years? What were their motives?” he said.

What were they, indeed?

Brother Nathanael has a message

While the Senate was talking about the conflict involving Israel and Palestine…BROTHER NATE HAS SOMETHING TO SAY

This Israel neocons speak of and Christians support IS NOT ANYWHERE NEAR the spiritual Israel of the Bible and proper Orthodox religious teachings, but rather a false state corporate Zionists The Rothschilds had the British and US set in place. And one of their bitches is AIPAC, which should be looked into as a FOREIGN entity.  But the extreme Zionists won’t allow it.

Tom Foley…NEOCON

On a recent edition of WFSB’s Face The State, GOP establishment neocon gubernatorial candidate Tom Foley made it clear HE HATES THE SECOND AMENDMENT.

I Don’t Support Repealing The Gun Control

And here is the video proof.

He also said in the interview “the gun bill would have been much different if I had been governor.”


And now comes word Joe Visconti could go third party.  But while this writer is gleeful at that prospect, he is reminded of the disaster that was the last third party (A CT Party) candidate, Lowell “Income Tax” Weicker.

You knew this was going to happen

As somehow expected, technical issues are hindering the start up of the new MeTV New York to be seen on KVNV/WJLP. The station on channel 3.1 was set to launch on or around July 31st/August 1st, but this has now been delayed. The Tee Vee Guyd on Facebook is saying a “September” launch, which means they could launch on any one of the 30 days in that month. For now at least, Bridgeport’s WZME 43.1 will continue to carry Me-TV (on a part-time basis) after July 31st. What’s not clear is how long this lasts.

TVG reports “there is so little information being disseminated that nothing is really clear. If it weren’t for another poster…informing me of it, I wouldn’t have known. He found out because he contacted someone at channel 3 directly (and actually got an answer, a vague one, but an answer nonetheless)”.

UPDATE: Cablevision has requested a delay as WFSB has an objection to the use of ch 3 for the dial spot for Fairfield County customers.  The station is entitled to being carried on virtual channel 3 on Cablevision’s cable systems serving Fairfield County, and sending WFSB to another channel would lead to “disruptions to its channel lineups” and require talks with the network or broadcast station that currently operates on the channel to which WFSB would be moved. Comcast also retransmits WFSB(TV) on channel 3 in cable systems serving Fairfield County (Danbury/Ridgefield), as well as three other counties in the New York DMA.


The FCC has ruled:

Conclusion. Accordingly, we HEREBY WAIVE Section 76.64(f)(4) of the Rules to allow Cablevision Systems Corporation, Time Warner Cable Inc. and Comcast Cable Communications, LLC to defer implementing the must-carry request and channel position election of PMCM TV, LLC for television station KVNV(TV), Middletown Township, New Jersey until 90 days from the date of a final decision on KVNV(TV)’s virtual channel.


Basically, the wait continues, but perhaps with WFSB/Meredith as the villain.


Before It’s News reports an insider said the ultimate plan for global enslavement has been in the works since 1969.

This is amazing information from Dr. Lawrence Dunegan who was invited to attend a lecture by Dr. Richard Day (head of Planned Parenthood) in 1969. Dr. Day told a room of about 80-90 doctors all about the changes they would witness in their lifetime as a result of “The Order” AKA the “New World Order” or Illuminati. Dr Day told the doctors he was free to speak at this time because everything was in place and nobody could stop them now!

Recording devices and taking notes were verboten. But, Dr. Dunegan had a near photographic memory and took good notes when he got home from the lecture. The notes stayed in his desk for 20 years until he pulled them out and decided he needed to get the information out to as many as possible by making audio tapes of the information in 1989.

Dr Day stated at one point he would be in real trouble if the information he was telling them got out to the general public. That’s why taking notes was prohibited and and recording devices were not allowed in the room.  Dr. Day died shortly after Dr. Dunegan began distributing this information on audio tapes in 1989, perhaps due to retaliation by those who have been programmed to fear the truth. Dr. Day admitted during the lecture there were many ways to kill people with diseases or even artificial heart attacks (Breitbart anyone?).

After the lecture was completed, Dr. Day gave a hypnotic suggestion to the entire room they would probably forget everything they heard today but would be ready for the coming changes. When Dr. Dunegan asked some of his friends that were in the room what they thought of the lecture, none of them could tell him what it was about!

Since a Planned Parenthood person was there, abortion was one of the topics discussed

People won’t be allowed to have babies just because they want to or because they are careless. Most families would be limited to two. Some people would be allowed only one, and the outstanding person or persons might be selected and allowed to have three. But most people would [be] allowed to have only two babies. That’s because the zero population growth [rate] is 2.1 children per completed family. So something like every 10th family might be allowed the privilege of the third baby.

If you have four hours and you value sovereignty…MAKE THIS VIDEO GO VIRAL…DOWNLOAD IT BEFORE THE ZIONS AT YOUTUBE REMOVE IT!

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