Well the GOP race for Governor in CT has one less name.  Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton has “Boughed” out and taken his hat out of the ring (I know those puns are stupid and the hat one…Danbury is nicknamed Hat City).

Boughton told the CT Mirror frontrunner and no-show at deabtes, not to mention second amendment foe Tom Foley “was responsible for [anti-gun neocon  John] McKinney qualifying.”

“At this point, John McKinney wouldn’t be in the primary if it wasn’t for Tom Foley,” Boughton said. “That’s the irony.”

Boughton is calling for Republicans to unite behind the hand picked by the millionaire elite neocon rep Foley, while Malloy gets his reps from the leftist unions.

Meanwhile, Foley has raised more than $264,000, but the State Elections Enforcement Commission said Wednesday of that amount nearly $221,000 of it is in “qualifying contributions.” The setback is expected to be temporary.

Foley, the statist run media front runner in two recent “polls” (driven by sheeple who get their news from said corporate statist and therefore fascist media) said he wanted a three-way primary– if there was to be one.

And this writer knows of who would be the third in that primary…Joe Visconti.  The only man out there who gets it about this state…anti-tax, pro-second amendment, a REAL Republican, not some Greenwich Hedge Fund neocon like “Holy Moley” Foley!


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