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EXCLUSIVE – Twin sisters lived in fear of Bowe Bergdahl’s ‘stalker’ father who was caught ‘peeping into their windows while they were in the shower’

Daughter of first American killed in Afghanistan learns freed Taliban leader was behind it

What made Bergdahl so important?

Tea Party groups that offered Dave Brat zero support sure are thrilled he defeated Eric Cantor

Ingraham, Levin, Breitbart Powered Brat Past GOP Establishment

National Journal Analyst: Jeb Bush ‘Big Loser’ in Cantor Defeat

White House: Cantor Lost Because He Wasn’t More Pro-Amnesty -YOU GOTTA BE BLEEPING ME!

And for you Sarah-bots out there…SHE’D HAVE BEEN NO BETTER THAN BIDEN!

Sarah Palin: Buying the Sizzle

McCain-Palin taking donations March 2008 & Obama action alert

Is Sarah Palin Qualified to be President?

Judge Orders NSA To Stop Destroying Evidence — For Third Time


Horrific Sex Ed Pictures That You Can’t Unsee

Oregon school district to offer condoms to students starting in 6th grade

Tom DeWeese to teach activists how to stop Agenda 21

Another Evil Reminder Of What Sharia Law Really Is

168 Released Gitmo Detainees Returned To Terror


When You Have This Much Proof, You Don’t Even Need Lerner’s IRS Emails IRS EMAIL “LOSS” LAUGHABLE, BUT WH STILL LIES

DOJ Lawyer: Emails Backed Up Nightly; IRS Claim ‘Laughable’

CNN: Mocks Lost Email’s Defense

MSNBC: Lost Emails “Ridiculous”

Expert: ‘Doesn’t Pass the Sniff Test’

IRS Broke Law by Failing to Safeguard Emails

WH Lies and Tries Dismisses Furor as “Far-Fetched” Conspiracy Theory


Poll: Majority Of Americans Object To Engaging In Fresh Iraq Conflict

DARPA Brain Chips to Implant False Memories



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