Lord Monckton…a man sadly without a country

The country in this case, his own homeland of England.  Last night during an appearance on Blog Talk Radio’s Where’s Obama’s Birth Certificate, Lord Christopher Monckton, also known for debunking global warming, spoke on how even the state run media (BBC, Channel 4, Sky News, etc) HAS NOT MADE ANY MENTION OF THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE!  Sounds like Operation Mockingbird across the pond.

At Birther Report, one poster went so far as to attack the man Detroit neocon Debbie Schlussel calls “Jihad” Darrell Issa.

We’ve had Fast & Furious. Eric Holder is under contempt of Congress. DOJ is now implicated in the IRS targeting. DOJ declined to prosecute banks guilty of fraud on the grounds they were “too big to fail” while pretending that conservatives are the party for big businesses. DOJ declined to investigate allegations of election fraud even in the face of video evidence. And now DOJ is telling banks who they can have as customers, and you want us to Share a g**-d*** graphic?! When are you going to start putting people in JAIL?!?!? From where I’m sitting, it looks like government officials are routinely breaking the laws and now even committing treason, and what is Congress doing?! Sending another strongly worded letter?! Starting another investigation?! Are we really supposed to consider it even a remote possibility that the Republicans in Congress are allowing all this because they’re afraid of being called racist?! Get real, Issa! NO ONE IS BUYING IT ANY LONGER! If Congress will not do it’s job and put a stop to the crimes committed by the executive branch, then explain to me why I shouldn’t consider Congress complicit in ALL of them!

Three words…OPERATION AMERICAN SPRING!  By the way, it’s still active despite what that CIA/CFR Carnival barker Glenn Beck said about them!


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