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But to the matter at hand…


OAS…Day one

Carl Gallups spoke to Michael Bates on his WEBY radio Freedom Friday program yesterday about day one of Operation American Spring.  Note in the box I said day one.  This looks to be a three-day event.


As if the stench from the Bloomberg nanny state wasn’t pungent enough, it now expands to…CHOCOLATE MILK?!

Many in the corporate media are reporting how the leftist led General Assembly wants to ban the tasty treat in their so-called war on obesity.

This move came at the end of the legislative session, the last one before the conventions and elections.  Many critics rightly say this could change kids’ lunchtime habits for the worse.

Lonnie Burt, chief nutritionist for Hartford Public Schools is one of the critics.  She said chocolate milk offers calcium, Vitamin A, potassium and other nutrients.  Even the American Heart Association doesn’t like this saying the nutritional value of milk, even flavored milk like chocolate, outweighs concerns about the amount of sodium in diets.

UPDATE: Malloy “Not supportive” of ban.

OAS gets Savaged

But it may be a good thing.  Col. Harry Reilly previews Operation American Spring in an interview with Michael Savage.

There might be a problem…THE WEATHER.

It is coming soon

Operation American Spring is coming soon, much to the chagrin of the statist corporate media.  Well, except for the Washington Times.

Writing for the Times, Cheryl Chumley reports the event, set for this Friday is being done by “A group of self-described revolutionary-style patriots with a million mobilized militia members.”  Their mission, according to a citing at the liberal blog Raw story is to remove President Obama, John Boehner, Attorney General Eric Holder, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Sen. Mitch McConnell, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Vice President Joseph R. Biden from their positions.

“We are calling for [their] removal … as a start toward constitutional restoration. They have all abandoned the U.S. Constitution, are unworthy to be retained in a position that calls for servant status” said retired Army Col. Harry Riley, the leader of the group.

Their goal is to also influence those politicos not targeted for removal to “sponsor and pass very constitutionally crafted state legislation to dissolve the size, powers, scope and spending of the U.S. government by two-thirds.”

Riley hopes the event will be peaceful, but thanks to corporate influences and interference in the process, not to mention a giddy corporate media peaceful protests haven’t brought citizens much luck. He also said over a million militia members have already mobilized for the event and the projections of millions to attend the DC march, and a similar one near in Bunerkville, Nev., near cattle rancher Cliven Bundy’s property aren’t pie in the sky (The part about there being activity in Nevada might be a lie orchestrated by the corporate media to make OAS look like a lunatic fringe so as to satisfy the globalists looking to destroy the republic).

“For more than five years, ‘we the people’ have been writing, calling, faxing Congress, the media, screaming in town halls, marching, rallying, demonstrating, petitioning, all to no avail. Every branch of government looks at ‘we the people’ whom they have taken an oath to serve, as ‘pests,’ interfering with their political agenda, cramping their self-serving, greedy agendas. We have no faith in the ballot box any longer, as many believe this sacred secret box has been compromised” Riley said to Raw Story.

And Riley has a few points.

The media in this country has been compromised by the CIA and corporate influences in the so-called Conspiracy Theory called Operation Mockingbird.

And in terms of the ballot box, voting machines have been severely compromised, especially those made by Diebold.





As of the writing of this post, the Times article has received over 1160 comments, most of them in support of the event, with the occasional Obama troll spewing hatred for the Republic and even one where someone posted a Before It’s News posting saying this may be a coup done by the organizers.

Riley and company are sure taking Thomas Jefferson to heart when he said “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”  But also one might think of a quote from John F. Kennedy when he said “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable.”

Doug Hagmann and Butteredezillion

Researcher Butterdezillion joined the Hagmann and Hagmann Report last night so as to detail her research into Loretta Fuddy, and more about the corruption in our courts regarding Obama/Soetoro.

Here is a clip from the interview

You can hear the entire H&H report at Birther Report or at the show’s BTR page.