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Race-baiting politicians of America Take Note

America’s Highest Ranked Climate Charlatans: Obama and Kerry

Hillary’s Chinese Espionage Problem

Vet Dies in Standoff With Police After VA Turns Him Away

U.S. Will Train Rebels to Counter CIA’s Al-Qaeda Terrorists in Syria




FBI Agent: Synthetic Biology Could “Reduce Our Population”


Operation Zero Footprint Will Bring Obama And Hillary Down

Ann Coulter is a MAJOR NEOCON! She, like Kim KarTrashian, has never met a mirror she didn’t love:

Flashback: Coulter Fires Up the Media With Criticism of 9/11 Widows

Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth have some excellent hand outs. Everyone wants to know what they can do? Order some and put them out at gun shows and political events like town hall meetings. Where ever folks meet as long as no law is broken. The truth continues to get to our fellow Americans because people have been handing out their professional, easy to understand cards. 5″ x 7″, in color, glossy and cheap by any standards. I recommend these:

Did You Know a 3rd Tower Fell on 9/11?

ReThink911-Themed Solving The Mystery of WTC 7 25-Pack – This one is excellent. .

NBC Censors Snowden’s Critical 9/11 Comments from Prime Time Audience

DOJ Admits Fast & Furious Docs Should Be Released Under FOIA After Indefinitely Delaying JW’s Suit

MSNBC ‘All In’ on ‘The Case for Reparations’ (slavery)

Bankers exhale as Tea Party power fizzles

IRS: Employers Face $36,500 Per Worker Tax for ‘Obamacare Dumping’

Senate Bill Would Allow Unmarried to Collect SS Spousal Survivor Benefits

Critics Mount Constitutional Attack on Dreaded FATCA Tax Regime

Why Isn’t Dana Rohrabacher in Prison?

Doctors: Smartphones can cause retinal detachment

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