Willimantic, CT the new capital of the police state

It’s a Northeastern CT small city that is a few miles away from the UCONN Main Campus in Storrs (I know having driven there in 1996), and the home of a uniquely CT event on July 4th; The Boom Box Parade put on by their local radio station WILI 1400.  But now it’s becoming a lot like Austin TX and for the wrong reasons…it has an MRAP (Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected) vehicle.

From WTNH.

It’s shaped kind of like a tank and is supposed to aid police.  One major problem, it’s a violation of The Posse Comitatus Act to let military aid police in law enforcement.

Despite it being given to the police for free, taxpayers through the high taxes and government programs in this bluer than blue state paid for this monstrosity to the tune of about $1 million.

WTNH News 8 reported on this via an AP/Norwich Bulletin story.

In town since October, the behemoth armored vehicle is imposing beyond expectation and exactly what Willimantic needed, according the police officers who use it and the town leaders who approved it.

“This is not a violent city,” Police Officer Stan Parizo Jr., the Willimantic Police Department’s SWAT Team leader, said. “But we have a lot of narcotics here, a lot of high risk warrants. We have the need here, and now we have the equipment.”

Willimantic Police Chief Lisa Maruzo-Bolduc had wanted an armored vehicle for the department for a while, but its need became very clear to everyone in town last June. Officer Kevin Winkler was shot during an incident on Tunxis Lane and it was difficult to figure out where the shooter was, Maruzo-Bolduc said.

Really Chief Maruzo?  This just shows how the “war on drugs” has been an epic fail because of government especially since it’s our own armed services that take part in getting the drugs, particularly heroin from poppies in Afghanistan.  Then those drugs come ashore, given to the government, and then sent on the streets through the patsies called pushers.  Then the FBI and CIA swoop in for the save and arrests and we are to think none the wiser.  This writer doesn’t.

Next thing you know, Hartford, Bridgeport, Stamford, Waterbury Danbury and New Haven are going to want one of these.  Memo to Connecticut’s Oathkeepers…SHAME WILLIMANTIC INTO GETTING RID OF THIS!


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