What’s next for guns in CT?

A WND article by Bob Unruh reports on an NRA video recently out saying gun confiscation, a result of the draconian gun laws in this state, which were a result of the false flag Sandy Hook attack, could be next after the gun registration.  And it could lead to violence not just ion CT, but New York.

For although it contains a statement from state police officials that the gun registration program – which created a looming crisis because an estimated 350,000 people refused to register – will not be followed by confiscation, critics don’t believe it.

“I can see a riot happening here. It’s not going to be a pretty picture,” said security company owner Alaina Matheny in the new video.

As WND reported, the law had an April 15 deadline for owners to register certain weapons considered by the state to be “assault” weapons.

The 350,000 who haven’t registered now could be considered felons, although they have not been charged or convicted.

In Connecticut, there was no grandfathering for people who already possessed the weapons. Branford resident John Cinque challenged two of the members of the legislature, state Sen. Leonard Fasano and state Rep. Dave Yaccarino, both Republicans.

As for the NY State side of the equation, which will sadly have progressive government loving NWO idolizing zombies re-elect Andrew “Il Ducecito” Cuomo to another 4-year term of terror and taxes, WTEN in Albany reports a grassroots coalition met in Saratoga Springs, inviting the public to burn gun registration forms (akin to the draft cards in the Vietnam war, which was based on the Gulf of Tonkin lie). The report from the ABC affiliate said members handed out copies of the “assault” gun registration form and burned them on an outdoor grill. Spokesman Jake Palmateer said, “It was just simply a statement to say that look this is an egregious attack on our civil rights.”


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