Fifty Years Ago

Before he was President and before a staged assassination coordinated by former CIA worker George H.W. Bush changed him from a staunch conservative to a neocon, Ronald Reagan gave a speech warning about…THE NEW WORLD ORDER!

Twenty-seven years later, Bush 41 let loose with his infamous NWO Speech…NOTE THE DATE. Watch the whole clip to get a complete understanding of the message trying to be sent.  In the years before Obama, Bush was announcing the New World Order, on September 11 1991 he gave his New World Order speech, 10 years later with the help of the CIA, FBI, a plan for big government and the Project for a New American Century, the ultimate false flag took place.

And the reason for this, which you are not hearing about in the fake left-right Mockingbird corporate media…OBAMA EXECUTIVE ORDER 13575, which sets up an intrusive rural council…THREE YEARS AGO.


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