Gun Rally 2.0

On a sunny, but windy early April day, when most of Connecticut was thinking about the UCONN Huskies basketball team’s Final Four Appearances (all of the big three stations led off with a preview of both teams), thousands of pro-second amendment supporters were taking on their own kind of madness. Namely the Second Amendment destroying madness put out by the Malloy Administration, both political parties and the false flag that was Sandy Hook which brought many citizens to this point.


Rally at the Capitol, take 2 (c/o Facebook user Jay Willard)


The corporate run media was there.  WFSB Channel 3 was reduced to mainly an AP story on their website.  They also were deleting all comments to their website.  Twenty years ago, this was where Rush Limbaugh’s TV show was seen.  Then again the daughter of globalist kingpin Zbigniew Brzezinski, Mika, was a reporter there.

Even on Facebook there were signs of media from NBC-owned WVIT.

Of course the state’s so-called paper of record the Tribune-owned Hartford Courant, tows the line for their leftist icons like Governor Malloy and Lt. Governor Nancy Wyman.  This despite doing a story on the rally.

The state’s gun owners were not alone in this in terms of social media as the following pictures from Facebook user Paul K. Improta will attest.

Tell Rand Paul hello!

OK so Philly and Pittsburgh are run by anti-gun leftist mayors!

Liking the Gadsden flag vibe there.



Now THIS is how you say I Love New York.  And here’s how Melody Barnes from Albany says Freedom and takes her message to left-wing governor Andrew Cuomo.

If the neocon GOP had not put Ken Cuccinelli under the bus HE would be in Richmond.  I hope Northern VA can split from the rest of the state and merge with DC.

If only you could do something about Chapel Hill and Charlotte.

Some anger from the happiest state in the union…BUT IT’S RIGHTEOUS INDIGNATION!

No losers with these Hoosiers!

If only something can be done about Detroit!

For the record Orlando is my favorite city in FL.

Something from my future home state…IF MALLOY GETS RE-ELECTED!

And for the coup de grace…OF ALL PLACES…CALIFORNIA!

That’s no mama grizzly there folks!

But wouldn’t you know it, one of THESE showed up…

THAT FOLKS IS A DRONE! But, it’s one from the Ct Citizens Defense League.

At WTNH’s website, using the same AP story (Operation Mockingbird), commenter Trisha Tank gave this account…

Just got back. There was a good crowd, all ages, kids, dogs playing, funny signs. I was happy to see a decent number of black men there. Hundreds of people were wearing their sidearms and more rifle toters than usual, and of course, no problems. A father from Newtown gave a terrific speech. The November election should be rough on the democrats and RINOs if this diverse crowd is in any way indicative of how the majority of gun owners feel. Thanks CCDL for a job well done.

That’s right, there are people in Newtown who are not gun hating Nazis.  And here is that father…Bill Stevens…who has something to say to Democrat Lite AKA the CT Republican Party

Back to the media, there was some presence of them there.

Courtesy Steve Theriault from Facebook

WTIC 1080 Radio has a slideshow about the rally here.

WTNH News 8 had a surprisingly balanced report on their Saturday night News 8 at 6:00 after the first five minutes was dedicated to UCONN.

However they followed up with a gun violence story.

The rally was sponsored by the Connecticut Citizens Defense League, whose President Scott Wilson said the group intends to show it’s determined to see Connecticut’s anti-Second Amendment gun law, SB 1160, signed into law a year ago this month, overturned either in federal court or repealed by the General Assembly, which is run by the left.

Among the speakers was New Hampshire’s Jack Kimball who had seemingly the speech of the event and the line of the event “The reason the second amendment was second was to insure we the people could fight a tyrannical government.”  Which for those who have children in the gestapos known as public schools is the main idea behind the Second Amendment.  It has nothing to do with hunting as the progressive left who support the New World Order, want the low info voters to believe. Kimball had a warning for Hartford and overall East Coast brain rot.

Not only was CCDL there, but representatives from the NRA and the pro-Liberty group Oath Keepers, whose founder Stuart Rhodes, was one of the co-guest speakers at last year’s rally. Also speaking at the rally was a pro-second amendment politician from the Northeastern CT town of Pomfret.  Locally-owned radio station WINY 1350 in Putnam posted the following on their Facebook page.

The Connecticut Citizens Defense League Gun Rights Rally was held Saturday afternoon from 12 to 3 at the State Capitol in Hartford.  Pomfret resident Rita Conrad traveled to Hartford with 12 other NE CT residents in her party and reports “other groups from NE CT in attendance in addition to Putnam Selectman Doug Cutler, Jr., who was one of the featured speakers”. Conrad says she attended the last Gun Rights Rally in Hartford in January of 2013 where the crowd was estimated at 3,000 and today looked like “at least double that amount” including out of state attendees from New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Mississippi and West Virginia. Featured speakers decried the “loss of constitutional rights” and urged citizens to “get involved in the political process” while peppering speeches with chants of “Freedom”, “We will not comply” and “We will not obey”. The NRA was in attendance as well as CT gubernatorial candidate Tom Foley, 52nd district State Representative Penny Bacchiochi, and 29th district State Senate candidate John French. 2nd Congressional district hopeful Lori Hopkins-Cavanagh was also in attendance. NOTE: Rita Conrad is an occasional fill-in host on WINY talk show and will be hosting the show on Monday morning, April 7th, from 9 to 11 a.m.

Cutler brought some noise, his style, from the area of Connecticut known as The Quiet Corner.

This writer likes this First Selectman over his town’s First Selectman Peter Tesei.  By the way, WINY can be heard online.  The stream might crash come Monday.

Another of the main speakers was David Codrea.  He is a gun rights activist and posts on the blog The War on Guns.  Here is his speech broken down into two parts.  In part one he looks back on how he got two autographs; one from one of his heroes, the late Clayton Moore, AKA TV’s The Lone Ranger.  The other was from Otis McDonald, whose Chicago lawsuit went to the Supreme Court and he won.  McDonald recently passed on. Codrea also had a message for Hartford or for any state capitol who dares to kill the Second Amendment…I WILL NOT OBEY.


In part two, he talked the CCDL and their lawsuit against the Malloy regime and continued his version of the phrase “Resistance to tyranny is obedience to God” and that includes progressives, the UN and the corporate media!


And also at the event was one of the Republican contenders for Malloy’s position; a man whom no one is hearing about in the fascist Connecticut media…Joe Visconti.

The next governor?

But despite the success of this year’s rally, which the media will downplay to support their fake left-right paradigm, will Washington listen?  Well if it’s John Boehner leading the Republicans in the House, when it comes to the Second Amendment, don’t bet on it.


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