SIGN-OFF…John Rowland on radio

Former CT Governor turned WTIC 1080 talk host John Rowland Thursday announced he was leaving the station and the show he did today was his last.  The reason, the former disgraced governor said was for personal resons.  Perhaps it has something to do with some on his staff and their ties to corruption. Businessman Brian Foley and his wife, Lisa Wilson-Foley, a former congressional candidate, pleaded guilty Monday to conspiring to make illegal campaign contributions. The two admitted in court a $35,000 contract with Rowland was part of a scheme to have him secretly work on Wilson-Foley’s campaign as a consultant.

While Rowland was not charged in the case, current Governor Dan Malloy called for Rowland’s resignation.

“I think the reality is that we now know enough. Two people pleaded guilty to this charge and have identified the party they were engaged with.”

Rowland resigned in disgrace as governor 10 years ago and served 10 months in prison for corruption.

The CBS-owned radio station said in a statement “We accept Mr. Rowland’s decision to step down at this time. Pastor Will will take over the 3-6 p.m. show beginning on Monday.”


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