While the nation and the media was in the grips of the second false flag operation at Fort Hood in five years, in California, the Obots in terms of Obama/Soetoro’s records are getting desperate…VERY DESPERATE.  In southern California yesterday, the so-called Birther Queen Dr. Orly Taitz was involved in a supposed car accident when her vehicle was rear ended by a truck.

The blog GOP The Daily Dose reports

Of course accidents do happen, and she’s had her guard up for years, but how do you avoid something like this, being rear-ended by a truck? The force of the impact spun her vehicle completely around, coming to a stop facing towards the traffic. She is fine and resting at her home.

Blogger Rick Wells, writing for the blog added…

FDR, our previously most infamous socialist president, said “In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.”

This might have been just traffic, in which things do happen by accident. It’s safe to say it is more than a little suspicious.

You obots have now crossed the line.  You wanted her dead because like those who believe the 9/11 “report” YOU ARE SCARED OF THE TRUTH!


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