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One Sgt. Major has had enough

Birther Report has the story of Sergeant Major Dan Page who has retuired from the services early.  The reason…usurper Obama’s ineligibility to be President.  He spoke  to the St. Louis/St. Charles, Missouri Chapter of Oath Keepers, explains how the power elites plan to end American sovereignty and the Constitution, establishing martial law and merging the U.S. with the New World Order.

The full video is here…


Did you know there was a meeting in Washington?

You didn’t?  Well that’s what happens when you read the state-run corporate media.  The Next News Network reports on the recently concluded Trilateral Committee meeting.  You know, the group of globalists some people think is a conspiracy theory?  Well there was another meeting…the Atlantic Council, founded by big banker fascists.

OP American Spring founder speaks

Last night on Blog Talk Radio’s Where’s Obama’s Birth Certificate program, Colonel Harry Riley made this claim to host Mike Volin:  Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s evidence would end up reverberating all the way to DC.

” We’re serious, We’ve had enough! We don’t want to see our children living in a nation of communist and socialist of which Barack Obama’s taken us on. We’ve had too many Fast & Furious, too many Benghazis, too many IRS scandals, attacks on the Tea Party, and NSA treachery. What is it gonna to take for America to say we have clearly had enough? … We want these people to step down… The only way we can change things is if we get new leadership… to restore the law of the land.”


The crew at Fox and Friends this morning commented on the George Soros funded Media Matters founder David Brock’s admission it works with corporate media outlets like CBS to shape the news.  Is it any wonder Sharyl Atkisson left that network?

One media outlet trusted by this citizen journalist is WND, whose founder Joe Farah on Friday spoke to Alex Jones He talked about the recently released and heavily redacted Clinton Papers and what Hillary Clinton meant when she cited a so-called “vast right-wing conspiracy.”

A reason to hate my alma mater

I know what you are thinking…”Bob, hate is a strong word.”  Well sometimes I can come off as being a strong personality when it comes to the matters of intolerance by the fake left in this country.  And it somehow would be a matter of time before a professor at this writer’s Alma Mater, the University of the People’s Republic of Connecticut-stan, or UCONN-I-STAN for short (class of 1996) would go on a fascist leftist rampage.

NBC CT, nee WVIT 30, reports the teacher (if James Boster can be called that) was caught on a video, now seen on YouTube ranting at Christian evangelists, including spouting expletives and leading students in a “Praise Darwin” chant.  The anthropology prof Wednesday aggressively confronted evangelist Don Karns, who was holding a sign that read, “Evolution is a lie.”

The video, edited and posted by YouTube user 4ChristianNews, shows bits and pieces of what unfolded.

You can see it for yourself, but be warned, there is strong language in it.

“He says that evolution is a lie! Have you read the ‘Origin of Species’?” Boster can be seen screaming at the start of the clip. “I have read the New Testament and the Old Testament!”

From there, the professor’s language becomes very unholy while he chastised the faith leader while pointing his finger.

“Bullsh**! Bullsh**! You are full of ignorance and lies!” he continued. “I want you to feel ashamed that you are willing to call something a lie that you have never actually read.”

The website Charisma News reported Karns called Boster’s behavior “very unbecoming of a professor.”  Boster also ended up leading some lemming students in a chant praising the evolution theorist Charles Darwin.

“I want you to join me in saying, ‘Praise Darwin!,” he said, and the students complied.

The video ends with Boster delivering a sermon about mankind’s kinship with other mammals.

“We are all bonded together in that great spiritual web, because the divine saturates nature the way gravy saturates cornbread,” he proclaimed.

NBC CT has been the only station in the state to report on this incident…this despite it being owned by the NBC/Universal/Comcast/General Electric conglomeration.

UCONN it seems is passing the buck on action it wants to take. The university said in a pre-written statement:

“Everyone has the right to exercise free speech on our campuses. At the same time, we expect our faculty to act in a way that promotes civil discourse and to express themselves respectfully. The use of abusive language and the confrontational posture seen here are inconsistent with UConn’s values.”

It is of this writer’s mission to ask what values does the state’s biggest public university offer, aside from poisoning minds of students attending there to become good little statist atheistic lemmings, which this writer almost became, but has purged those thoughts 18 years after his graduation? Not a thing at all ladies and gentlemen, NOT A THING AT ALL.

The 21st Century Money Changers

Last week for Holy Week, I did a post about Money Changers and how Jesus and JFK were killed for challenging them.  Well these money changers now exist in the 21st Century. It’s called The Banking Caucus in Washington…and its mission is the same as the owners of mega-banks, referred to as the banksters…plunging the Republic into darkness at the power of the pocketbook.  And as you will learn, as this blog is based in Connecticut, there is a someone from this state in that caucus.

The Center for Public Integrity, which calls itself one of the country’s oldest and largest nonpartisan, nonprofit investigative news organizations, has published a report about who this caucus is.  It’s really the House Financial Services Committee.  Last month, members were bickering over two versions of a bill designed to ease a new regulation affecting banks, part of the sweeping 2010 overhaul of financial laws known as the Dodd-Frank Act, named for Connecticut leftist senator Chris Dodd and Massachusetts leftist Congressman Barney Frank (both of whom are now retired.  By the way, Dodd is not the CT connection in this post).

The report calls this committee the bankers’ best friends. And in Washington fashion, they have lobbyists.

Daniel Wagner, writing for CPI, said

Less than six years after a massive financial crisis drove the U.S. banking system to the edge of collapse, leading to a $700 billion government bailout and a recession that destroyed as much as $34 trillion in wealth, bankers and lawmakers are working in concert to undermine Dodd-Frank, an 849-page law designed to prevent another failure.

There are more than 2,000 lobbyists for financial firms and trade groups and many are spreading money around Washington, enlisting like-minded members of Congress to write letters, propose legislation, hold hearings and threaten agency budgets as they pressure regulators to ease up on banks.

The committee is bipartisan with neocons such as Texas’ Jeb Hensarling, who is the committee chair, New Jersey’s Scott Garrett and leftists like Gregory Meeks from New York…AND…Jim Himes, who happens to be this writer’s Congressman, but is nothing more than a stooge for Obama and his bankster pals.  Then again, Himes once worked for big bank Goldman Sachs for 12 years before beating neocon Republican Representative Chris Shays a few years ago.  Himes is from Greenwich, CT, which this writer calls the Hedge Fund capitol of the world, if not the U.S.

CPI had a kind of baseball card look at who got what from where and how much.  According to it, last February, Himes held a fundraiser at the Capitol Hill restaurant Sonoma sponsored by Depository Trust & Clearing Corp., and TIAA-CREF, both financial services firms. Though a Democrat, he voted against the wishes of the liberal group Americans for Financial Reform in four of five key votes last year.  His top financial industry donor, the mega-bank Citigroup. Himes has also received industry contributions totaling $2,889,485, since 2010; giving basis to the theory half of Congress has millionaires in it.

A Himes spokeswoman, Elizabeth Kerr, said her boss does not advocate for the investment industry. “The congressman doesn’t advocate for or against an industry. He advocates for the right law or regulation,” she said. After all, in 2002 he joined a nonprofit housing group, just to give the image of him being benevolent.

If you ask me these are the people who want to still want to grease the skids of the unconstitutional central bank…The Federal Reserve.