Someone named Mike posted this to Birther Report:

I called in to AM radio show in San Luis Obispo Ca. The host is Dave Congalton, a former college “instructor”, author and screenwriter. We’ve had it out on several occasions, and he always hangs up on me. Snopes is his bible, whatever Snopes claims is fact, end of discussion. He cut me off before I could tell him to check “Snopes Acton & Dystel”. I sucked him in by pointing to the fact that he was an author, that he should know the ins and outs of how literary agents “fact-chaeck” their clients and write their bio’s. I assumed that he wasn’t aware of Acton & Dystel’s “Born in Kenya” claims (I said 17 years, but is was 16, 1991-2007), and I was right, yet, he was aware of Acton & Dystel, as I get him to admit. The funniest aspect of this is the fact that he, and his “conservative” co-host, end discussion by claiming “haven’t we already been through this”, right after he’s shown to have zero knowledge of “this” (A&D’s “Born in Kenya” claims):

The audio can be heard here.


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