Both Birther Report and The Post & Email can report an exclusive interview was conducted Friday evening with Barrister Michael Shrimpton, who first appeared in a video released late last month stating unequivocally the man who says he’s President, Barack Hussein Obama “was born in Mombasa, Kenya.”

Sharon Rondeau with P&E reports Shrimpton has a background in intelligence, constitutional law, history, British immigration law and world affairs.  He has worked as a barrister also called a bar-at-law since 1983 and provided advice to at least two congressional committees.  Barristers, according to Wikipedia, are not attorneys and are usually forbidden, either by law, professional rules or both, from “conducting” litigation. While a barrister speaks on the client’s behalf in court, they can do so only when instructed by a solicitor or certain other qualified professional clients.

Topics discussed during the two-hour interview include the U.S. Constitution’s Article II “natural born Citizen” clause, the one being blasted by elite media agents of the CIA in this country as being brithers; the parties and heads of state who allegedly have seen proof of Obama’s foreign birth; Shrimpton’s own contacts with worldwide intelligence service personnel; DNA tests; what’s really driving the unrest in Ukraine (neo-nazis, bankers…AND OIL); the death of novelist Tom Clancy; and the actions Shrimpton believes should be taken as a result of Obama’s usurping the presidency.

“He’s not a U.S. citizen,” Shrimpton told BirtherReport and this writer in a riveting session conducted over Skype.

Audio of the interview will be available soon where Shrimpton explains why he believes the video of his declaration on Obama’s birthplace was released last week and by whom, among other stunning revelations. Due to website security issues, Birther Report has been raising money to migrate his site to a private server by a website professional. So Rondeau is asking for donations.

As to the audio of the interview, when it’s available, it will be posted.  And it should go mega-viral.  And it should be downloaded to all hard drives out there in case the feds decide to use the NSA to spy.


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