Another one bites the dust

Okay, you can make your Queen 1980 reference as long as you want.

Christopher Keating, writing in Connecticut’s so-called paper of record, the Tribune-owned Hartford Courant, is reporting a major player in state politics couldn’t take the heat, so he is getting out of the kitchen.

“State Senator Donald Williams, the longest-serving Senate President Pro Tempore in state history, surprised his caucus Wednesday by announcing that he is not seeking reelection this year.”

Many pro-second amendment supporters cheered Williams’ so-called “shock.”

Palin-Smith known for his harassment on video and in social media of neocon gun grabber and gubernatorial candidate State Senator John McKinney writes:

The gun grabbers are falling like flies. Two of the 3 top cats are gone. And many more to come.

Scott Wilson from the Connecticut Citizens Defense League (CCDL) said…

“We are happy to hear that Senator Williams is bowing out of his seat. CCDL is grateful to our members, and to all constitutional supporters for pressuring him throughout that last legislative session, all the way till now”. “I am certain that pressure from gun owners played a part in his decision to not run again”.

For the record, Williams, a Democrat,  is from the NE CT town of Brooklyn (no relation to the New York City borough).

Only one other media outlet, NBC-owned WVIT, NBC Connecticut, reported on this.  Included in their squib of a story was this statement from Williams’ fellow gun grabbing leftist, Governor Dan Malloy

“Don has been a great ally and friend. He works tirelessly for his constituents and fights hard for what he believes. I’m proud to have worked with him and to find a common ground on some of the most important issues of our day, including creating jobs and investing in our public schools,” Malloy said.

This comes perhaps in the wake of Sipsey Street Irregulars publishing the emails and addresses of all in the Connecticut General Assembly who in the wake of the false flag events at Sandy Hook, passed last April the toughest gun laws in the nation.

Memo to Mr. Williams, though the writer does not live in his district, SEE YA, WOULDN’T WANT TO BE YA!

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