Obots in panic mode at Zullo?

Writer and blogger Geir Smith, at WheresObamasBirthCertificate.com is reporting on how Obots may have been traced to sourced within the Obama regime White House.

Smith is slated to be a guest on an upcoming episode of Blog Talk Radio’s WOBC program  on either Monday, February 24 or Tuesday, February 25.  The Post & Email, which works with WOBC, is expected to announce a firm date.

WOBC host Mike Volin told P&E  “He’s under attack by the Obots. Now he’s written an article about the Obots and the fact that it’s been so quiet.  It’s a short article, but it gets right to the point.”

Volin was referring to a declaration made by Cold Case Posse lead investigator Mike Zullo on Carl Gallups’ WEBY Pensacola, FL radio show, “Freedom Friday,” where Zullo said at least one Obot, identified in Smith’s piece as “RC,” has an IP number which has been identified as “DOD’s DARPA disinformation department.” The “RC”, which stands for Reality Check hosts a leftist communist radio show on Tuesday evenings entitled “RC Radio” whose goal is the same as internet-trolling Obots or those who support Obama with lies and dis-info about his opponents:  to silence those reporting on the forgery of the long-form birth certificate posted on the White House website since April 27, 2011.

Below is a segment from Smith’s article…

Obama’s Obots have disappeared overnight. Where are they?

On Carl Gallup’s Freedom Friday radio show, Mike Zullo said they’ve traced the IP address of “RC” to DOD’s DARPA disinformation department.

The Obots have gone eerily silent ever since. Why?

Mike Zullo’s intent in revealing that information was not to silence the Obots but to tell the public that a concrete step had been made in the investigation and even more than that.

He said that a second criminal investigation surrounding Obama’s birth certificate has been started. That’s an explosive, hair-raising piece of news.

Maybe it was that, a concrete step to track the IP addresses of Obots and that had led them to the Army and DOD, which had set them fleeing for the exits.

I’ve met up with the same thing in my writing on Internet. I’m a long-time reporter at BeforeItsNews under the aliases of “Geir Smith” and now “King of Shambhala”. I’ve been a target for Obots since Day One, because I’m convinced Obama’s a great evil hiding under a sheep’s clothing. I think Obama’s got some horrid reality brewing which he wants to avoid us discovering.

Obots have trolled me since the beginning because I say things like that a “The Guardian” survey showed that one in eight think Obama’s the Antichrist and that 666 was drawn in Illinois’ Lottery, in Obama’s hometown in Chicago, on the day after his election.

Obots have been determined to troll me to stop me from speaking out. But recently Mike Volin of wheresobamasbirthcertificate.com booked me for a radio show and immediately when I announced it, I also saw the Obots go strangely silent.



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