Testing the waters, Part 2

It sure didn’t take long for the second of Mike Vanderboegh’s letters to Michael Lawlor of the Malloy Regime to hit the web.  In it, Vanderboegh picks up from where he left off with Lawlor’s KGB ties. The letter, posted at Sipsey Street Irregulars, wonders what price will be paid by the openly homosexual communist.


To take up where we left off, we were discussing the undoubted existence of your KGB file. In the meantime, I have been assured by sources recently (and not-so-recently) retired from the intelligence and counter-intelligence services of this country that you also have FBI and CIA files as well. One of those reminded me of the term “nightcrawler.” As defined by Richard Bennett in his book Espionage: Spies and Secrets, a “nightcrawler” is a “talent spotter who prowls bars and nightclubs looking for government employees, military personnel, etc., who can be compromised using booze, drugs or sex.”He also reminded me that a mentor of his, Marine LTC Bill Corson (Yes, the same William Corson whose book I quoted in my first letter to you) once worked on a television documentary in the 80s with the legendary Washington, DC intelligence unit undercover cop Carl M. Shoffler. The documentary highlighted KGB recruitment tactics and techniques in the “gay bars” of the nation’s capitol.


Like the same bars people like oh I don’t know Barney Frank, maybe Patty Schroder maybe even Obama and Larry Sinclair would visit whose escapades into ultimate communist deviancy of supporting homosexuality as legitimate was not published in the Mockingbird Media?

Vanderboegh continues…


For his part, Corson was even more highly regarded in the intelligence business. The novelist W.E.B. Griffin dedicated his work The Outlaws, in part, to “William R. Corson, a legendary Marine intelligence officer whom the KGB hated more than any other U.S. intelligence officer — and not only because he wrote the definitive work on them.”

One reason that the KGB hated him was that he was an effective anti-communist. His work in Marines’ Combined Action Program in the I Corps area of South Vietnam was unorthodox, successful and nothing short of brilliant. (See also this out-take of a 1982 interview with LTC Corson on the subject.)

The documentary (I am seeking a copy of it as I write this) highlighted the operations of KGB assets called “nightcrawlers” in the D.C. area according to my source, who believes that such tactics were undoubtedly used against you during your time in the Soviet Union.

Of course I have already been accused of “homophobia” for dealing with this subject. That is, no pun intended, a red herring. My motivation here is tyrannophobia, if I may coin a term. But more of that in my next letter.

Vanderboegh then highlights a 1997 article in Connecticut’s so-called paper of record the Tribune owned Hartford Courant called A Giant Wait by Don Amore.  it is there the truth about Lawlor’s actions with the KGB get exposed and how he also ran into the much maligned by liberty supporters CIA.  The Giant refers to the New York Football Giants though for all I care it could have been the San Francisco Giants of MLB.  After all, Lawlor IS homosexual.  This was 30 years ago when to be honest both Giants teams were not giants in their fields.

Mike Lawlor was nearly out of George Washington University Law School and needed a job. Near the end of the lengthy screening process in 1983, he was face to face with a stern CIA recruiter.

The man in black wanted to know: Was there anything, anything at all, anything on this earth that would compel Lawlor to betray his country?

“I told him, `If the KGB could get me Giants season tickets, I’d think about it,’ ” Lawlor recalled. “I said, `Not just for one season. It would have to be a permanent thing. So all you’d have to do is get me Giants season tickets, and you’d never have to worry about me at all.’

“Well, the guy did not laugh. He did not smile. I never was offered a job.”

Sorry about that, Chief. The CIA went on to win its Cold War. Brothers Mike and Kevin Lawlor are still fighting theirs, waiting for the iron curtain to rise and the power behind it to grant them a pair of Giants season tickets.

“It is our white whale,” said Kevin Lawlor, 29, a deputy assistant state’s attorney in Milford. “It is our obsession.”


White Whale?  Seems more like a shark that would make “Jaws” look like a guppy!  Vanderboegh also singles out Lawlor’s brother Kevin for righteous indignation.

Of course your brother Kevin has carved a right smart career for himself, too: “Connecticut State’s Attorney Lawlor to be feted for work, heritage.” What with you as Malloy’s hatchet man on citizen disarmament and with a brother as a state’s attorney, it isn’t too hard to open an investigation on a troublemaker like me, is it?

So when you threaten Connecticut’s hitherto law-abiding citizens with “You can either surrender the weapon to us, destroy the weapon, or sell it to a federal firearms licensee. After that date (January 1) that hasn’t been declared or register is banned and if you get caught, you’re going to get arrested.” . . . Well, they had better take you damn seriously, hadn’t they?

You know, it’s the arrogance about you collectivist pricks that always strikes me as ironically misplaced. You’re always the smartest guy in the room, dispensing orders from on high as if to the purple born, yet when it comes to the important things you really aren’t all that bright.


That’s why Vanderboegh rolls with the tide in Alabama and this writer is stuck here in CORRUPTICUT and feeling miserable about it 24/7, and not just because of the recent wild winter weather.

But back to the task at hand, Lawlor was turned down by the CIA for a position there.  Why is that?

It raises so many questions and reinforces the ones I’ve already asked. Why would the CIA, at the height of the Cold War when it needed every trustworthy Russian speaker and analyst, turn you down? I guess the key word there is “trustworthy.” The CIA, and not because of the bad joke, must have found compelling reasons to find you untrustworthy. That must have stung, huh? Not that you weren’t accepted — you would play that for laughs, for you are the smartest guy in the room and that just proves their stupidity, right? As a homosexual you already were struggling with issues of identity, loyalty, societal trust, etc. And again, homosexuality is not the issue. It is not now, nor was it then, grounds (by itself) for exclusion from employment by the CIA. According to my sources, the Agency knowingly hired many homosexuals from its inception onward as long as it was convinced of their loyalty, their trustworthiness. And, my sources say, as long as that was understood up front there was no blackmail risk and the Agency only very rarely was proved wrong about their pick.

So why did they turn you down, Mike? What was it that they spotted about you? I am told by sources who were once in a position to know that you have not only a KGB file and a CIA file, but an FBI file as well. We’ll never get anything out of the CIA, but I wonder what a FOIA of the FBI might turn up? Have you got the juice to work your will upon the Fibbies as well?


Of course any coddled corrupt politician, trained to be like Goebbles, telling the lies until they become truth, if Lawlor was asked about this in CT by Vanderboegh, a lawless raid by a bunch of bubba thugs calling themselves police would stomp a mudhole at Vanderboegh’s house.

As of this writing there weren’t as many comments as there were with the first one, only eight.  But one anonymous one stands out.

Anonymous said…

First , and u can’t believe nobody said it yet, but giants season holders must forever ensure their new label. They have TREASON TICKETS!

Now, snark aside, Freemen, Patriots, care not about the toes of the known enemy. They HAVE to be stepped on in order to tell the truth.

Whether a legit reminder to be cautious by a genuinely concerned threeper OR a twisted threat by a staffer (akin to a bridge situation we see playing out) we have to stop “being scared” of the “powerful”. See, they really aren’t powerful at all, not when the bright light of truth is cast upon the cockroaches.

Mike is setting a wonderful example. Kinda like Snowden did. See, the whole POINT of this exercise is TO step on those toes and do it out in the open for everyone to see. For there is no ” power” being demonstrated as return fire. At best, the torpedoes are detonating quite nicely and there is hope and change that the damage can be mitigated and absorbed, while at worst, some are hunting through everything they have and running shredders on hyper speed.

Here is the hilarity – everybody can see these letters are there and the questions are asked. A FOIA request, in time, will prove delivery. That shows possession and then the story becomes – why not slap down the premise (s) posed by these musings. Why let them stand unanswered.

Me thinks this dude is now being a dick to everyone around him, flying off the handle and spending each day more pissed off and more vindictive than the previous day. To others, he begs for protection…..

That opens more peoples eyes around him and he becomes toxic. He becomes more isolated by the hour as supposed allies and brothers flee for the fences.

I submit that a left jab was followed up with a hard right cross. Both were unanswered and this fella is feeling like Payton manning in the third quarter. He’s wishing it was over – or that this never happened to start with- knowing all the while that the vicious liver shot or unstoppable Tyson like uppercut is about to be delivered.

Folks need to understand – yes this is. “Out in the weeds” stuff for the average joe ( as tv talking heads would say) but that’s not who this is for. This is for those AROUND thus leech ( or is it lech?). They know what this means – the EXPOSURE itself- and it is THEY who must cut ties and run – all the while worried about themselves being next.

I also submit that the reason there are no torpedo Los declarations is quite simple. Some things are quite literally self evident.

You ROCK, Mike. No doubt about it.

February 5, 2014 at 6:24 PM


Season tickets to see the Giants for defaming your country?  No wonder I am a New England Patriots fan.


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