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The name of Mike Vanderboegh will be familiar to you.  If you saw my post from last April on the rally on the capitol in Hartford, the Alabama native dared to take on Connecticut’s second amendment killing gun “laws.”  Well according to a post at Sipsy Street Irregualrs, he’s really going for broke.  Vanderboegh wrote a very, very scathing letter to one of Governor Dannel Malloy’s henchmen, namely Michael Lawlor one which would make Joseph McCarthy proud.  You see Vanderboegh accused Lawlor in the letter he sent to Lawlor at his Hartford office of being a communist.  If only he can do this to all the leftists in this state.

Here is a portion of this letter

As Governor Malloy’s volunteer hatchet man on the forcible disarmament of the Connecticut citizenry, it is appropriate that I write you directly on some issues raised by your personal collectivist appetites for control of your fellow citizens’ liberty, property and lives, if for no other reason than to politely explain some ramifications of that dictatorial compulsion under the Law of Unintended Consequences and the principles of 4th Generation Warfare, under which the civil war that you seem eager to solicit will likely be fought. This is only good manners, I feel, and since the subject is rather vast will certainly take more than one letter.

We do have a few things in common, you and I. I am a former collectivist while you remain one, and a rather nasty one at that, if you don’t mind my saying. But as an ex-communist I am familiar with all of the known collectivist lies and more than a few of the unknown, personal, secret ones as well — the kind that you tell to yourself when you’re acting out the True Believer, as you are now.

You know it is quite ironic that on the morning I sit down to write this letter we discover that Adam Lanza (whose evil deeds were the supposed excuse for your Intolerable Act) was something of a twisted fellow traveler of collectivism being an apparently homosexual, environmentalist vegan who was anti-Christian enough to forbid his mother to put up a Christmas tree. “Gee,” I thought when I read that, “This kid could have grown up to be a Connecticut Democrat politician.” That he provided the bloody excuse for tyrant wannabes such as yourself is certainly the Devil’s own joke — send a collectivist killer to enable future collectivist power. Old Scratch must be laughing his ass off.

You know after just a cursory reading of your biography here and here, I realized that I owed you an apology. Previously I had described you as Malloy’s “Eichmann.” But Eichmann was a rather colorless bureaucrat, defining as Hannah Arendt spelled out, “the banality of evil.” But you, sir, are no bureaucratic handmaiden of evil. No, to call you an Eichmann would require an apology to both you and Eichmann. You, sir, are a true believer — more of a Heydrich than an Eichmann. Or, if you raise a Godwin’s objection, shall we say a Felix Dzerzhinsky? Yes. Dzerzhinsky is certainly more fitting.

As you know, I went to the University of Connecticut.  Unfortunately, so did Lawlor.

I note that while you were at UConn in 1977 you “participated in language studies in Russia in 1977” at Moscow and Leningrad. You then earned a Master’s Degree in Soviet Area Studies from the University of London in 1981. You were, what, 20 when you first experienced the Soviet Union at the height of the Cold War? It must have fascinated you early on in life. Yet after you got your Masters in Soviet Area Studies from the University of London at a time when that and other British universities were prime recruiting grounds for KGB “political warfare” assets, and you subsequently “received a Fulbright-Hays Scholarship to study economic reform in Hungary in 1982,” you decided to change course and become, in quick succession, a lawyer, a prosecutor and then a Democrat Party politician.

And what of his ties to the KGB, which would be just as worse as someone like Anderson Cooper joining the corrupt CIA?

In my research, I also found this KGB appreciation of the opportunities to use the homosexuality of potential assets:

“Contrary to popular supposition, the KGB is not primarily interested in homosexuals because of their presumed susceptibility to blackmail. In its judgment, homosexuality often is accompanied by personality disorders that make the victim potentially unstable and vulnerable to adroit manipulation. It hunts the particular homosexual who, while more or less a functioning member of his society, is nevertheless subconsciously at war with it and himself. Compulsively driven into tortured relations that never gratify, he cannot escape awareness that he is different. Being different, he easily rationalizes that he is not morally bound by the mores, values, and allegiances that unite others in community or society. Moreover, he nurtures a dormant impulse to strike back at the society which he feels has conspired to make him a secret leper. To such a man, treason offers the weapon of retaliation.” KGB — The Secret Work of the Soviet Secret Agents by John Barron, Reader’s Digest Press, 1974, (p. 207)

By the way, like Lawlor, Cooper is homosexual (yes I said it and not “gay”)

Some of the comments on the post at SSI have been amazing.

ag42b said…Superb research. I had no idea that this collectivist hump was active in Europe during the soviet era.

КГБ definitely has a file on this guy, and since he is an up and comer in a liberal state, has easily been compromised in the past. It all depends on what his ФСБ handlers are trying to get out of him at present.

From your research, it looks like they are getting their money’s worth.

From one anonymous poster…

That was awesome. Just awesome. Having spent a couple of years in West Berlin back in the exact time period this ass clown was in Russia, and having had some small dealing with the organs of state security of the DDR and the USSR, I can assure you that you are completely correct that he would have had a KGB file and been the subject of a recruitment attempt. You REALLY want to get that file.

x2 on the “Sat Cong”.



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