A warning to all Obots

You try to spew your bile to Carl Gallups…YOU WILL GET YOURS!

Meanwhile, the Post and Email (SUBSCRIPTION) is reporting on something new being added to the mix.
Sharon Rondeau reports Michael Volin from Wheres Obamas Birth Certificate.com  received a stamped green card from his certified mailing of a letter asking Barack Hussein Obama to release his original paper birth certificate allegedly on file with the Hawaii Department of Health. Last month, Volin sent a letter to Barack Hussein Obama at the White House which opened with “At a press conference on April 27, 2011, you presented to the American public what you and your advisors said was your certificate of live birth.  On the same day a purported copy of that document was posted on the White House web site.  A two-year, still ongoing, criminal investigation has found that pdf file to be a computer-generated forgery.”

The Maricopa County, AZ Cold Case Posse led by Mike Zullo and Sheriff Joe Arpaio to the disgust of Obot slaves and Constitution haters conducted the referenced criminal investigation beginning in September 2011. Lead investigator Zullo reportedly has discovered new and unexpected information over the last several months which he said on Carl Gallups Freedom Friday program on WEBY Radio Pensacola, FL will be made public next month.  The White House nor has the Mockingbird corporate media addressed the claims of forgery in both Obama’s short-form and long-form birth certificates as well as his Selective Service registration form as declared by the posse in a March 2012 press conference.

In a similar request on Friday, Volin told The Post & Email, “We are asking for support in our efforts; we are calling this the letter for the letter. Please copy my letter and send your own letter in support of my letter.”  He added, “I didn’t expect to get a signed copy, but at least now we know that my letter and that birth certificate issue are now sitting inside the White House.”

The question is, will this letter be destroyed?  If so, the Obama regime is unknowingly admitting guilt!


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