Militia forming

Last night on Blog Talk Radio’s Where’s Obama’s Birth Certificate, Col. Harry Reilly explained how the militia on DC is forming in preps for Operation American Spring in mid-May.

Meanwhile, Authors Contradict Obama Birth Certificate Account; Where’s Obama’s?

The Birther Evidence: Obama ID Fraud Trumps All Of The Other Obama Ills

This as one BLACK FLORIDA CONGRESSMAN Joshua Black does not want Obama impeached…he’s taking it a step further.

But as expected, the neocons who want to coddle Obama/Soetoro as much as the leftist progressives and the corporate media want to, want this guy to resign.

According to WTSP-TV 10, many Florida politicians including “Republican” Gov. Rick Scott have called for Black to drop out of the Florida House District 68 race. But Black said he won’t leave the Republican Party or the race: “I do not take orders from the governor. I’m staying in the race.”

Or one can ask the question Brother Nathanael has been asking, will a new Napoleon arise?


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