RANT: WFSB-gone (correction)

HUGE UPDATE: According to WFSB’s Facebook page…

WFSB Channel 3 is happy to announce that a deal has been reached with Cablevision Optimum TV! WFSB will be restored on your system shortly. We’d like to say thank you to our viewers for your support during this matter.

For over 30 years, Cablevision of CT customers here in Fairfield County have had access to TV stations from both New York and the Hartford/New Haven markets.  But one by one, these stations are going away at the hands of big money from station owners and Cablevision brass making customers the losers in all this.  Since 1982, one of the stations on Cablevision has been WFSB Channel 3, Hartford’s CBS affiliate since 1957.   Over the last five years, CW affiliate WCCT 20 out of Waterbury and Fox CT WTIC 61, both Tribune-owned stations, are gone.

The former WTIC-TV 3 (changing calls in 1974 after sale from Travelers Insurance to Post Newsweek, and now Meredith) has been as far as I am concerned the best news station in the state.  Sure back in my liberal days they carried Rush Limbaugh’s TV show and now in my libertarian period, Mika Brzenski, daughter of globalist kingpin Zbigniew was a reporter for Eyewitness News.  But other than that, their weather department really has taken residents into the eyes of the storm whether naming winter storms (a tradition dating back to the WTIC-TV days) or coming on the air when a severe thunderstorm might become a tornado in some parts of the state, WFSB has been there.

Well come New Year’s Day, the station once calling itself “The Land of the 3”, will go away for Cablevision customers of which this writer is one of.  Sure we have seen it before with stations having to pay cable companies sky high carrying fees for what is otherwise FREE TV with an antenna.  Despite WFSB having one of its sub-channels, 3.4 exclusively tailored to Fairfield County with commercials from area businesses and weather conditions, The Dolans, who own Cablevision have asked Meredith, who owns WFSB to pay the high fees for an otherwise FREE TV signal, which now nobody will be able to get unless they move to Stamford and get AT&T’s UVerse system which has WFSB on it or to a town not served by Cablevision.

The biggest losers are Cablevision’s customers in Litchfield County which carries ONLY WFSB for CBS programming.  Could they be subbing the closest CBS station from Springfield, MA the low powered WSHM or going to the Albany market for WRGB Channel 6?  Those who are New England Patriots fans (again this writer) lose out as well since WFSB carries any CBS game involving the Patriots in New England along with WBZ Boston, WPRI Providence WCAX Burlington, VT, WABI Bangor or WGME Portland, ME. Otherwise, no one can watch The Big Bang Theory, The Price is Right or CBS Sports.

This is what happens when government by way of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 with its regulating of media leading to monopolies, bad programs and high fees for satellite and cable runs what are otherwise private industries.  But when you hear about the media being scripted to work with the government as Ben Swann reported, it just adds to the outrage.  The industry calls it synergy…I call it bull!

The losers in the war over money are customers of these monopoly cable companies who despite getting competition from satellite and phone companies like the other monopolies Verizon and AT&T, end up paying high bills anyway.

Subscribers in other parts of the county such as Charter and Comcast are not affected.

When it comes to satellite in Fairfield County, the only CT station carried on either of the big dish systems is WZME Channel 43 Bridgeport, a part-time MeTV affiliate.  You see that station is assigned to the New York market while CPTV’s WEDW 49 Bridgeport/Stamford is considered part of Hartford as all programming originates from CPTV’s Hartford studios, despite its tower being on Booth Hill Road in Trumbull, part of Central Fairfield County.

Nobody wins in wars no matter what it’s about.  When it comes to cable and broadcasters, the viewers lose and lose big.

UPDATE: From Channel 3’s Facebook…The deadline has been extended to January 3rd.


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