Is Vallely a TRAITOR?!

Good journalists never start a report by asking a question.  But in the case of someone who was at first thought of as a patriot, retired General and former Fox News military analyst Paul Vallely’s whose past is coming back to haunt him (emphasis on haunt), questions MUST be asked.

Blogger Bobby Powell reported and has links to back it up, Vallely WORSHIPS SATAN and the upcoming march on DC in May this year could end up becoming a trap to activate mind control, namely MK ULTRA, as seen in this video from 2006, featuring a look at Vallely’s sadistic ties.

At a YouTube to a video where Powell spoke about all this he said

Benedict Arnold was a great patriot and hero of the American Revolution; until he wasn’t. Now, his contributions to the cause of freedom go unrecognized, his name is synonymous with betrayal and treason. As the country marches inexorably towards the second American Revolution, many people – including honorably retired members of the Armed Forces of the United States – are setting themselves up to lead it. One of these men is Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely, who may not be what he appears.

Powell also said he received confirmation from Col. Harry Riley, founder of Operation American Spring, that Maj. Gen Vallely has no connection to OAS or Col. Riley’s planned march on Washington D.C. on May 16th. Col. Riley will be a guest on Powell’s web radio program The Truth is Viral in the very near future to talk about his plans.

One of Powell’s callers even went so far as to call it a SACRIFICE.

This blogger for the record has never thought of going to DC for this rally.  Now it can be set in 50 slabs of reinforced concrete, he will not be going.  Col. Reilly and Maj. Vallely, you both have some serious explaining to do.


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