More opening of the wound

Let me start this post by saying I am a LIBERTARIAN, but can become a flaming anarchist when I hear about how great people think government is or people like Harry Reid act stupid about what anarchism is.  Well this morning as this writer was on the treadmill at his local gym, he saw on CNN, a station not usually on my schedule, a story bound to reopen sores in the false flag that was the Sandy Hook shooting.  The New York Daily News reported the year prior to the event, Adam Lanza supposedly  called into a college radio program in Eugene, Oregon which talks about anarchy.

Anarchy Radio is heard over KWVA, the radio station of the University of Oregon weekly for an hour.  The reason Lanza called in, and thus the basis for CNN and the Daily News’ reports, had something to do with another tragic story in Connecticut, that of a chimp named Travis who was shot to death in 2009 by police after he mauled a friend of his owner’s at the Stamford home where he lived.

During the seven-minute call, a person calling himself Greg discussed the vicious mauling claiming the animal was forced to live in a world it did not belong in.  The caller then takes the Darwinian approach to life saying he believes all children start out like animals and have to be taught how to fit into society. Anarchy Radio host, John Zerzan, said he remembers the call telling CNN “The voice was kind of odd … sort of robotic … and maybe he was trying to disguise his voice or something. I don’t know.”


Courtesy NY Daily News website

The newspaper identified the caller as Lanza, based on Internet postings and confirmation by two of the late shooter’s friends. CNN could not confirm if the voice was that of Lanza’s.  If so,  it could provide unknown insight into the psychotropic drug taking, violent video game playing mind of the 20-year-old, who killed 26 people at Sandy Hook Elementary School, including 20 students, before killing himself as police closed in.

Zerzan told the NY Daily News “There’s nothing there indicating he was considering something so heinous and inconceivable. It was a year before Sandy Hook, so no one has any idea what he was thinking a year before…I don’t see how anyone could have guessed that with what was said.”

Zerzan is described by the Mort Zuckerman-owned tabloid as “a guru of the anarcho-primitivist movement that regards technology as a destroyer of society.”

A check of Anarchy Radio’s website audio archives shows the call took place during the December 20th, 2011 program about 38 minutes in after a musical interlude.  As KWVA is non-commercial, the music served as filler time between segments. A check also showed there were two shows after the shootings took place; one was on December 18th, the other on New Year’s Day, 2013.

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