MORE quick hits

New: Senate Democrats Choose Illegal Aliens Over U.S. Disabled Military

U.S. Supreme Court: We Don’t Need No Stinkin” American Truck Drivers, Open up the Floodgates To Mexican Trucks

Marine honorably discharged after Afghan threat warning MORE PRISONERS OF ILLEGAL WARS!

Mother of murdered Marine slams charges against Maj. Jason Brezler – calls it a smokescreen

Military brass eat their own for political expediency

Iranian Sanaz Nezami Savagely Beaten By Islamic Husband – Family Watches Death Online

White House pushes back ObamaCare enrollment deadline for pre-existing conditions

Obama, While on Hawaii Vacation, Lambastes GOP Who ‘Went Home for the Holidays’ and Abandoned Less Fortunate

Congress Rolls Over for the Executive

How To Stop Cops from Searching Your Car

Why Socialism Is on the Rise

Google house: Tech giant spends billions to get inside your home

Suicide Rate Soars Among Young Vets

Innocent Drone Deaths Likely Greater Than Number of Americans Killed on 9/11

I worked on the US drone program. The public should know what really goes on

Daily pot tied to age of first psychotic episode

Ketogenic Diet in Combination with Calorie Restriction and Hyperbaric Treatment Offer New Hope in Quest for Non-Toxic Cancer Treatment

NBC New Year’s Eve Mocks Pearl Harbor Survivors As Only Able to Chew Spaghettio’s

Moguls Rent South Dakota Addresses to Dodge Taxes Forever

US pledges $380M in new aid to Syria war victims

EPA Grants $230K to Two Cities in Mexico for Environmental Projects

Planned Parenthood Got $540.6 Million in Government Grants in FY 2013

Booze, Pole Dancing, and Luxurious Hotels: Top 10 Examples of Government Waste in 2013

Twenty Years of NAFTA Sucking Sound

NAFTA: 20 Years of Regret for Mexico


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