Quick Hits

Bailing Out Health Insurers

Chicago pension crisis called worst in nation

Utah Gets Ready To Do Without the Feds

Vets groups slam Obama administration’s proposed VA disability filing rule

Colorado pot shops likely targets of cartels

Mennonite couple files counter-lawsuit in fear of being forced to host same-sex weddings

Putting the “Sex” back in Homosexuality

GOP lawmakers seek to stop gay marriage in New Mexico

Maybe He’s Not Gay: Another View on Homosexuality – For today’s youth

Flashback: There is no such thing as same sex marriage

Unions/Radicals Killing Democrat Party—Big Government Types Killing Republican Party—Independent Voters Rule

Unions Get Big ObamaCare Christmas Present As Other Self-Insured Groups Get Scrooged

Maricopa County Republicans Censure Sen. John McCain

Texas School District’s Steely-Eyed Warning Sign May Make Criminals Think Twice

Chaffetz: Unacceptable Al Jazeera Got Benghazi Report Before Congress

The Abyss From Which There Is No Return

Canadian Ted Cruz Mangles the Constitution By Getting Obama Impeachment Wrong

Michigan Nullifies NDAA

New Definition of Cancer May Be a Godsend for Millions

Woman, 19, lured ex-boyfriend to her bedroom by undressing where new lover ‘stabbed him to death and cut off his head

Child sex trade plaguing US’ Oregon

Jamie James Lykins charged in infant’s death – Beat the hell out of an eight month old precious baby

Two Teens Accused of Savagely Beating 88-Year-Old WWII Veteran to Death

The other side to the Martin Luther King story

Toxic madness: Muslim prayer room opens in Catholic high school

Charlotte Iserbyt Explains Havelock’s Change Agent Training

Rolling Stone Magazine Urges Millennials to Embrace Communism


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