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A name is entering the Lt. Governor’s race in CT.  CT News Junkie is reporting former U.S. Comptroller General David Walker is entering the race.

He discussed his plans at a press conference outside the state Capitol after having announced his exploratory committee on an episode of WFSB Channel 3’s “Face the State” Sunday, an episode which by the way was not seen on Cablevision here in Fairfield County because of the war between the monopoly cable company and WFSB owner Meredith.

Walker is  a co-founder of the controversial “No Labels” movement.  He rejoined the Republican Party last week after more than 15 years as an unaffiliated voter. He said state election policy leaves the deck in his words “stacked” against unaffiliated candidates or those who do not wish to tow the two-party line, which is just one controlled by major corporations.

Initially he talks about the fiscal side of the aisle which includes the hot potato topic of pensions.  A hot topic especially to those in unions who vote for Democrats.

Walker said solutions will have to be worked out through discussions with state employee unions but the position puts him at odds with them. But during his presser he said the average taxpayer has trouble understanding why he or she will pay higher taxes over time for state workers who have better benefits and a more stable job.

And he wasted little time in taking issue with the man currently in the gold dome building on Capitol Avenue in Hartford.

“It was inappropriate and irresponsible for the governor to enter in to the long-term labor contract that he did. He agreed to things that go well beyond his tenure in office and that’s even if he gets re-elected, which I don’t think he will,” he said.

And the unions, which support Malloy and left wasted little time in blasting that sentiment.

Larry Dorman, spokesman for AFSCME Council 4, said Walker’s comments didn’t recognize the sacrifices the state’s public workers made to protect critical state services and stabilize the retirement system.

“I hope he does a little more research on the looming retirement crisis facing all Connecticut citizens. Too many in the private sector don’t have pensions at all because of what corporate America is doing” he said.

Mr. Dorman, along with the rest of this state and the country, needs to know half of Congress is comprised of millionaires.


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