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RED ALERT!!!!! Purchase ObamaCare Or Go To A FEMA Camp!

Banksters Pay Off Governments to Avoid Criminal Prosecution

Gun Agenda Backfires as 2013 Gun Sales Smash Records

Beyonce’s “Haunted” Music Video Reveals She’s Illuminati Queen

Retired Military Scientist Exposes Fukushima Cover-Up

Federal Reserve is an Organized Criminal Mafia

Fukushima Dangers on The Rise

Boehner: I ‘absolutely’ trust President Obama…WELL I TRUST NEITHER OF YOU, YOU CLOSET DEMOCRAT!

Jake Tapper Says Hillary Will Have to Answer for Benghazi in 2016…REALLY?!?!  WHAT ABOUT HER SEXUAL ESCAPADES WITH ANTHONY WEINER’S WIFE MR. TAPPER?!

WATCH: Doctor Calls Loretta Fuddy’s Death Very Strange

Seattle Welcomes First Socialist Council Member WHAT TOOK THAT LEFTIST CITY SO LONG?!?!?

Bloomberg Donates Millions To Aid Senate Democrats

Civil War or WWIII?

Agenda 21 Swat Teams Are Seizing Private Property

Obama’s War Against the Elderly

Detroit Police Chief James Craig: “Good Americans with Concealed Pistols Translates Into Crime Reduction” Sir, that’s how an oathkeeper talks.

Lou Dobbs tells GOP how to win next election

Church Doctrine – 2014 Begins As Morally Sick As 2013 Ended


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