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Breitbart is reporting there are four public relations firms in the state looking to spread propaganda about the controversial, and failing Common Core curriculum.  And Connecticut is looking to spend a million dollars of taxpayer dollars to see that it happens.

Writing for Breitbart, Dr. Susan Berry, citing the blog CT News Junkie, writes the four companies names have been exempt from public disclosure under the state’s Freedom of Information rules. Two education stakeholders, however, have acknowledged that informing parents and the public about Common Core will prevent so-called misunderstandings.

Robert Rader, executive director of the Connecticut Association of Boards of Education praised Common Core saying it will “provide a clearer, deeper understanding of what our students will need to know when they enter the global marketplace.”

Note the word global.  Common Core is nothing more than a power grab by both major parties, but mainly the left, along with the United Nations to impose the one world government system called the New World Order, which this writer would like to say to said extremists is no conspiracy theory.

“It’s really a very different new set of standards,” Joseph Cirasuolo, head of the Connecticut Association of Public School Superintendents, said. He added he does not want Connecticut to experience the same criticism from, of all groups, teacher unions regarding the new Common Core tests other states, such as neighboring New York, have encountered.

That’s right Bluer than New York Giants blue New York has tried Common Core and it receives a big fat red F.

In New York, where students have already taken the Common Core-aligned tests, scores plummeted, leaving parents angry, students anxious, and teachers – whose evaluations depend on their students’ test scores – extremely worried.

Emphasis..the writer.

Even one of New York’s biggest leftists, Randi Weingarten, president of one of the nation’s biggest teacher’s unions, the American Federation of Teachers, slammed the implementation of Common core in New York and elsewhere.

“You think the Obamacare implementation is bad? The implementation of the Common Core is far worse” she said, even though she supports it.

Weingarten has called for temporary delays in the assessments aligned with the new standards, citing pressure to impose them quickly left schools little time to develop local curricula, which left superintendents to rely on state-provided lesson plans.

As for Connecticut’s role in this unconstitutional act, standardized tests and other student indicators make up 45 percent of a teacher’s “performance rating.” Classroom observations, parent and peer surveys, and level of achievement of so-called mutually agreed upon goals make up the rest.  But without even testing it out, Connecticut has set aside nearly 15 million taxpayer dollars over the next two years to transition to these new standards.  The bulk, about $13 million, will be used for professional development and technology.

Common Core has its critics on the right as well.  One of whom is the grand dame of conservatism, Phyllis Schlafly, founder of Eagle Forum.  Type Common Core in the custom search engine at its site, and you come up with article after article about its total calamity.  One of her comments, published today for air as part of her Eagle Forum three-minute commentaries heard on radio and online cited the tests or assessments for righteous derision.

Common Core advocates loudly proclaim that there is no Common Core curriculum, there are only standards based on which the local schools can write their own curriculum. But the Common Core (usually called assessments) are the mechanism of federal control over the curriculum because teachers must teach to the test.

Eagle Forum also said Common Core also takes away things even this writer learned at elementary school, like cursive writing, and radically changes math standards.  Something again this writer can attest to as his father for many years was a math teacher in Yonkers, New York.

Another critic on the right is author of the book The Language Police Diane Ravitch.  The former U.S. Assistant Education Secretary under President George H.W. Bush, and NYU professor wrote last August in the usually left-leaning Huffington Post

The Common Core standards, its boosters insist, are all that stand between us and economic and military catastrophe. How does anyone know that the Common Core standards will prepare everyone for college and careers since they are now being adopted for the very first time?

Another critic, former Senior Policy Advisor for the U.S. Department of Education, Charlotte Iserbyt, last week spoke to Alex Jones to analyze how socialism is subtly promoted in U.S. schools and textbooks, including Common Core.  And she takes no prisoners in the interview going after both the left AND right.

Posting at Breitbart, gammaML, a former teacher wrote

I live in CT and am a retired teacher. One thing this liberal state does NOT need, is the government deciding what is best for the students. Why not let the REAL educators decide what the curriculum should be ? Not politicians. God help us.

The thing is, most teachers are run by the unions which are financed through taxpayer dollars and sometimes those taxpayers work for major corporations.  And when they work in combination with government you get the only way this writer can describe Common Core…common fascism.

The US Board of Education, an arm of the government, and perhaps this tentacle’s Leviathan in the global government monster, needs to go, along with Common Core.  Let each state decide its standards.  And that goes for those who are foolish enough to follow faux Constitutionalist Mark Levin.


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