You have heard of the Arab Spring?  Well one Oathkeeper who served in the Army is saying enough is enough.  In a press release from retired Col. Harry Riley, and sent to The Post and Email, he is calling for a total change in Washington, something dubbed Operation American Spring.

“While our Founding Fathers endured pain and suffering from the British Crown, there came a time when they declared ‘enough is enough.’ Thus, the Declaration of Independence was drafted. We should read our Declaration of Independence and note the grievances that led to the decision of ‘independence or death.’ America is under the heel of a new ‘crown,’ enduring grievances of which are not far removed from conditions our Founding Fathers experienced. The Founders moved to action. Now is the time for American patriots to move to action” Riley said.

OAS is embracing the role of sheepdogs while the sheeple remain protected in the fold. Much like the Founding Fathers, only a small minority about three percent of freedom loving colonists took part in the efforts of Independence from the British Crown…they were the sheep dogs that resisted the wolves and gave us a nation.  Those who partake in Operation American Spring will reflect new sheepdogs to begin restoring the U.S. Constitution. These modern sheep dogs would head to Washington, D.C. to address grievances and demands.

“The wolves in government leadership must comprehend the people’s will. Our peaceful, non-violent approach for action will not tolerate being rebuffed, ignored or treated as unworthy or with disdain” the press release said.

Info on this event, set for mid May, can be obtained at the blog Patriots For America.


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