Did Mark Steyn just GO THERE?

Well just as Rush Limbaugh is about to make a move in New York radio from his long time home and launching pad 25 years ago 77 WABC to 710 WOR along with Sean Hannity, one of his famed guest hosts, Mark Steyn, A NATIVE OF CANADA did the unthinkable. He not only attacked Obama/Soetoro’s status, but someone else’s as well!


Then again this is someone who blasted Ron Paul, and has written for the neocon publication National Review.


And how about this from another REAL AMERICAN MR. STEYN, Patriots for America founder Col. Harry Riley (RET.).  Well what he said got the attention of Post and Email’s Sharon Rondeau.  A portion of her post (from Birther Report as P&E is subscription) is included.

TO:  Patriots (black, white, male, female, civilian, military, truckers, bikers, militias, veterans, old, young, every American that loves freedom and liberty)

Mission: Restoration of Constitutional government, rule of law, freedom, liberty “of the people, for the people, by the people” from despotic and tyrannical federal leadership.

and goes on to assert that “corrupt and criminal leadership must be removed.”

Riley and his team are seeking “millions” of people to gather in Washington, DC beginning on May 16, 2014 and to stay, or replace themselves, for as long as is required “to draw the line and bring to a conclusion a decision on the out of control government.” The declaration states that actions will be taken “Not with guns, but with millions of Americans demanding a return to constitutional government and the resignation of Obama, Biden, Reid, McConnell, Boehner, Pelosi, and Holder as a start…then the constitutional restoration process can begin. An AMERICAN SPRING can be avoided only if the above mentioned officials resign.”

In answer to his own question about whether or not an “American Spring” is warranted, Riley continued:

The more I thought about that, I said, “We have tried everything.  We have paper-shuffled the Congress for five years; we have paper-shuffled the media; we have faxed and phone-called and sent letters, and we just keep going backwards.  It keeps getting worse and worse.  Then the thought entered my mind about the Egyptian spring and how people finally said, “Enough is enough,” and they hit the streets by the millions and millions and millions and stayed there until there was some sort of a solution.  We are basically modeling what the people of Egypt did.  We’re not modeling their government; we’re not modeling their military; we’re modeling their action.

The Post & Email asked Riley if he was referring to the “Arab Spring” of 2011 involving several Middle East nations or the uprising of this past summer which ousted former Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi, to which he responded:

Morsi.  They tried what was supposed to be a democratic movement in the Morsi regime, and it turned out to be worse than before.  So they went back to the streets, and they got rid of him.  We believe it’s relative to our nation in that we have elements in leadership, with Obama being the chief, that reflect an attitude of tyranny, betrayal, deception, and deceit.  We just decided that we’ve tried everything else.  We’ve tried to go from the bottom up; we’ve tried to get states to do something, to exercise Tenth Amendment responsibility; but when you have a lawless federal government which ignores the laws, writes its own laws, modifies existing laws; refuses to obey existing law; the attorney general refusing to enforce existing law, picking and choosing what they will and what they won’t enforce…when the leadership in a government becomes lawless, what are the people supposed to do?  Who can we turn to?  Who can we rely on to believe that anything will be favorable to We the People?

We’re not suggesting that our government structure is bad.  We’re not even suggesting that the principles which the Founding Fathers gave us are bad or wrong.  What we’re saying is that the people who now occupy positions of power have betrayed the Constitution, have betrayed the Founding Father principles, and have betrayed We the People in seeking power and greed in an incestuous operation in Washington.  They just feed one another, whether Democrat or Republican…they all put up a little show as if there’s some difference.  There really isn’t.  They’re all up there to stay, to eat at the trough of the American people and basically have their own world, and we’re down here wondering what’s going on.  We’ve had enough; we’ve just had enough.

How do you think we arrived at this point?

I think the American people were totally captured by a fraud.  We have an individual who spoke well and talked to people, particularly those who were seeking free stuff, had an emotion going, and everybody else saying, “Well, maybe this guy is on to something…he says he’s going to be transparent; he says he’s not going to be involved with lobbyists, and he’s going to put trust back in government…”  It all rings true; it reminds me of other dictators and tyrants around the world who took the same approach.

Remember all of those shovel-ready jobs?  None of these things that Obama promised ever came to fruition.  The people were just sucked in, and at this point, I think they have finally realized – even the most left of our nation – that this guy is a fraud.

I can think of one recently who testified to the House Judiciary Committee, an attorney over at Georgetown

Jonathan Turley?

Yes.  Jonathan Turley is a completely loyal Obama supporter.  He believes in Obamacare.  But he testified, “I really have great trepidation about where we are headed…” and he said, “We’re creating a new system here….the center of gravity is shifting, and that makes it unstable.”  I believe his final word was, “The situation was the most serious constitutional crisis in our lifetime.”

I recall that in 2008, he wrote an article asking if John McCain were constitutionally eligible to run for president, but he notably did not write the same kind of article about Obama.

He was almost a permanent fixture on MSNBC and the mainstream media during the Bush administration.  This is an example of how far this has gone, that even the left-leaning liberal minds are testifying in open Congress about their extreme concerns about the direction of the nation.

You were asking how we got here.  We had a pied piper who had a message to which he had no intention of adhering but knew that the people’s ears would be perked up, and they would be itching, and they were, and they sucked it up, and here we are.

I remember people wrote to judges, attorneys general, congressmen, state legislators, governors, members of the Electoral College, and nothing was done.  And then he was allegedly elected a second time.  Would you say that everyone in Congress is criminally complicit at this point?

There are people in Congress who have principles we need in government and as leaders.  I outlined some of those on our page:  the Wests, the Dr. Ben Carsons, the Cruzes…they are standing up.  But for the most part, the leadership is clearly involved in it.  They’re part of it:  John Boehner, Pelosi, McConnell, Reid…even the Supreme Court: to come out and twist themselves into believing or making the case that Obamacare was constitutional.  John Roberts became part of the establishment and contorted himself.

(NOTE: Allen West is a supporter of NDAA, which is Unconstitutional)

John Boehner is the leader of the House.  He knows what’s right and he knows what’s wrong, or, God help me, I hope he does.  He has been taken in and is just part of the problem.  That’s why we say that all of those guys need to go.

Do you think blackmail could have been carried out against members of Congress?

Obviously, that is always a potential, but my gut feeling is that they’re just cowards, protecting their own positions.  I think they would rather be a congressman than serve the American people, go out on a limb, be truthful and say, “I’m opposing this because it’s wrong, and if I get defeated in an election, so be it.”  I’m positive that every single one of them is a millionaire; it’s not as if they would be paupers if they weren’t re-elected.

Most of them become very wealthy while in Congress.

Yes, and they stay there forever.  Look at this recent example of the National Defense Authorization Bill (NDAA) where they took away some compensation from disabled veterans and rewarded illegal aliens. Most of them followed the lead of the establishment, voted for that thing and passed it. Even my representative here in Florida voted for it.  Now he comes back home and tries to convince us that “We need to create legislation to reverse what we did to the veterans,” because they get back home and the veterans start stomping all over them.  Now they’re trying to say, “We’ll create legislation and reverse that.”  Well, they know very well in their heart that they’ll go up there, and they may create legislation, but it will go nowhere and die.

They can draft anything, but it might never get out of committee.

Yes.  These are just examples.  I have some examples of people who have joined our site.  As they come in, they said, “This is not the Constitution I fought for; it is changing.  I want to protect the Constitution of the United States as it was intended to be.  It’s hanging by a thread and we need to do something to save it.  I’m a military veteran who fought for my country who knows to protect the U.S. Constitution.”  It goes on and on.  “Because it is my responsibility and obligation as a citizen of this Republic to ensure the survival of our Republic, enforce constitutional law, restore our Bill of Rights, secure our borders, remove the illegals, arrest the traitors.”  “I don’t remember living under that; I want the role of the federal government back to 1791.”  There is a whole series of these short statements.  This is why I want to support this; I want to do whatever I can to bring my country back to the constitutional republic that our forefathers meant it to be.

Do you know of any specific groups which will be working with you, or would you rather not name them?

We’ve had some local-level Tea Party groups, but we’ve not had any national-level support that I’m aware of.  I know we’ve had some general officer support out there, and we’ll have to see in the days ahead who comes up and says what about what.  But every feedback I’m getting is that there’s a surge of energy behind this.

It’s been on blogs, distributed to email lists, and you have time to get the word out more widely before May.

If we last that long.  On Sunday, before I went to church, I typed “Operation American Spring” into a search, and the first thing that popped up was Erik Rush.  He took everything verbatim from our front page and put it on his website.  That was the only thing on his page!

But you know something? He really seems to get it, this Erik Rush.

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