More laws; less freedom

From my town Greenwich’s delegation via email, some of the new laws to take effect in CT come the New Year.  I will comment when necessary.

Civil immigration detaining

Public Act 13-155 establishes procedures for state and local law enforcement must follow when they receive a notice about someone in their custody. This law increases public safety and works with the federal government to crack down on convicted felons or people proven to be a threat to others.

Online voter registration

An Act Concerning Voting Rights (Public Act 12-56) previously administered legal changes to the voting system in Connecticut, like Election Day registration, which took effect already. But beginning in January, the Secretary of State’s office will have to establish an online voter registration system which must permit a registered voter to apply to make changes online to his or her registration information.

QUESTION: Will online voter registration suffer the same fate as Obamacare which this wasteland voted for with their re-election of Soetoro in 2012?  But let’s hope this allows smart people to vote out Malloy.

Minimum wage increase

The state’s minimum wage will increase from $8.25 to $8.70 per hour this year, followed by an increase to $9 in January 2015. Public Act 13-117 also increases the “tip credit” in each of those years to keep the employer’s share of (1) hotel and wait staff’s wages at $5 69 and (2) bartenders’ wages at $7.34.

COMMENT: Where in the Constitution does it say we need to have a minimum wage and don’t you politicos realize the higher the minimum wage goes up the more the unions like it and how small businesses take it on the chin?

Prescription drug refills

Certain health insurance policies that cover prescription drugs are not allowed to deny coverage for refilling any drug prescribed to treat a chronic illness if the refill is made in accordance with a plan to synchronize refilling multiple prescriptions, according to Public Act 13-131. The plan must involve the insured, a practitioner, and a pharmacist.

QUESTION: Does this change under Obama/Soetorocare?

Unemployment tax returns and statistics

Public Act 13-141 requires each employer, person or organization employing one or more employees to electronically file with the state’s Department of Labor and pay quarterly unemployment tax returns.

COMMENT: See online voter registration

Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

Before transferring title to a one- or two-family dwelling, a seller must submit the buyer with an affidavit certifying that the building is equipped with carbon monoxide (CO) detection and warning equipment or does not pose a risk of CO poisoning because it does not have a fuel-burning appliance, fireplace, or attached garage. Public Act 13-272 outlines these requirements.

COMMENT: This is forcing people to buy into safety on their OWN PROPERTY, egged on by the emotional outbreak from the Christmas 2011 fire in Stamford.  This state clearly hates Ben Franklin who said those who give up liberty for safety deserve neither.

CDL and accelerated rehabilitation

Public Act 13-271 denies accelerated rehabilitation (a jail diversionary program) to anyone charged with a motor vehicle violation while operating a commercial motor vehicle or who held a CDL or commercial driver’s instruction permit at the time the violation occurred, regardless of the type of vehicle he or she was driving at the time. This law also requires a distracted driving task force to come forward with any report it has put together.


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