Wishing you a Merry Christmas

With cartoons

First from 1936 Grampy from Betty Boop looks to bring an orphanage Christmas cheer in the Color Classic, Christmas Comes But Once a Year, using a whole lot of Rotoscoping.

Three years earlier, Popeye wished us all “Seasin’s Greetinks (gotta love that Popeye-ese!)

In one of those old public domain cartoons from some cheap VHS collection a group of world children (led by Little Audrey for the US) visit Santa in 1948’s Santa’ Surprise.


And how about a REAL spirit of Christmas…Casper The Friendly Ghost in True Boo from 1952


Paramount’s answer to Tom and Jerry, Herman and Katnip do Christmas their way in 1950’s Mice Meeting You


Staying with the Mount, Betty Boop drops in on a small toy shop; the other toys come to life and crown her queen. But there’s a big rag doll of King Kong on the loose.  Can the beast be tamed?


I finish with a 1960 Popeye TV cartoon.  The Sea Hag sinks to a new low when she captures Santa.  Can spinach save Christmas in Spinach Greetings?


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