Malloy Minus Money?

If this picture from an anti-Malloy Facebook is any indication…

Malloy might have a very rough road ahead of him in 2014 when he supposedly is up for re-election.   The state’s paper of record the Hartford Courant reported (oh, they actually did their job) last month, the State’s Election Enforcement Commission looked into Dan Malloy’s campaign activities.

The investigation comes after a complaint (from CT News Junkie) saying Malloy illegally raised and spent money on his reelection without first saying he was  a candidate and following financial disclosure rules.

The Courant reported Ben Ancona, a Newington lawyer who happens to be politically active alleges this “de facto” re-election campaign operation is being run by Malloy mouthpiece Roy Occhiogrosso, who guided Malloy’s 2010 campaign. Occhiogrosso took a job as a top adviser’s job in Malloy’s new administration in 2011, but left the governor’s office last December.  He now manages a government consulting firm whcih does business with the state.

If Ancona’s charges pan out and the SEEC finds these allegations to be true, Malloy will be disqualified from participating in the state’s campaign finance program, and receiving the $6 million that goes with it.  Of course the state run corporate media will not see to it.


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