Has a judge finally started to show a spine?  It isn’t Roy Moore, it’s Lamberth!  According to Orly Taitz, the judge has ordered the Postmaster General and Inspector General of the USPS to file an answer within 30 days regarding Obama’s use of a fabricated postal stamp on a fabricated Selective Service registration, ignores the fact that they did not file an answer for 4 months and gives Obama, Postmaster and DOJ a free pass on a lack of answer for 4 months.

Devvy Kidd has posted this at her blog and has said…

For five long years EVERY member of the Outlaw Congress has played Barry Soetoro aka Obama’s game – recognizing him as a constitutionally elected president when we know he will always be ineligible because of his dual citizenship. The gutless cowards all know about the forged birth certificate as well as using someone else’s SSN. They all know about the forged SS draft registration form and still do NOTHING while Soetoro buzz cuts the Constitution every day of the week. And, they all want you to help them win their primary next year so they can continue the cover up.

Which is why I am calling for a mass arrest of ALL 535 in Congress!


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